I was raised with certain beliefs that didn’t resonate with my heart. Stepping into the world of personal growth at 20 years old, I began the journey of peeling back the proverbial onion of self-love and discovery. Over the years, I have chosen to take on new beliefs which have generated a perspective in life that allows me to strengthen my connection with Self, with Spirit and with those I love.  


Here are just a few of those chosen beliefs:


Belief number 1: 

I am never given more than I can handle; as a matter of fact, I’m given precisely what I can handle.


Belief number 2:

When I see beauty in something or someone, that means that beauty resides within me.


Belief number 3:

I am here to experience a life of joy, fun, love and abundance. 


Belief number 4:

Money is energy in constant flow, available at all times to everyone. 


Belief number 5:

I always have a choice.


‘Don't believe Every thought you think’

My name is Valerie DAmbrosio, and I am The Connection Coach.  Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes sad. Sometimes I feel extroverted, others introverted. Sometimes I feel like I'm ten feet above the Earth chaotically spinning, sometimes I feel so grounded and aligned with my soul's purpose. Sometimes I feel like a bubbly little butterfly sharing joy and inspiration, other times,  I feel it’s so hard being me. Sometimes I feel so divinely connected to Spirit and my guides, and sometimes I feel so alone.

Everyday, I get to practice loving all of these parts of me and I have the power within me to raise my own vibration. 

Thank you for taking the time to know me.

With love,