Time for Breakdown to Become Breakthrough

Can you feel it?

I don’t believe anyone is exempt from the intense energy building around the planet.  

Sarah Varcas, one of my ‘go to’ astrologers,  provides a fantastic, poignant perspective of what is occurring and offers insight on how we can discover solace.  

As you read, consider looking at this advice from both a micro (personal) and macro (global) lens:

‘Violence and hatred, fear and terror, despair and frustration don’t go away by ignoring them. Quite the opposite. Denial feeds them, as does refusal to acknowledge the seeds of truth in their darkened heart’ (May be worth reading that last statement again and then taking a deep

'Be it political upheaval, conflict and war, climate change or personal trials, life is banging upon our consciousness to wake up and rise up. Never has there been such a potent time for breakdown to become breakthrough or tragedy to become triumph.

But it is time for the most wholesome honesty we can muster, first and foremost with ourselves. Look within and say aloud what you see. Listen to yourself and the words you use. The timbre of your voice, its passion or fear. Feel your reluctance or thrill as perhaps you say these things aloud for the first time. This is your truth, say it, hear it and live it.

No matter how much we may fear the darkness, it is needed to frame the light. No matter how much we quake in the face of truths too hard to accept, they serve to reveal the path ahead. We can do this.’ Sarah Varcas

YES! I believe we can do this!! We can do this collectively and YOU can do it.  It starts with self.  

Whatever you are looking at shifting, or you feel is inevitably ‘breaking down’ (internally or externally) in your life, how can you allow yourself to fully BE in and WITH the process?  What tools do you have in your tool box?  Is it reaching out to a friend/coach/therapist, returning back to your breath, creating intentional space, taking some alone time to contemplate what you really want, prayer?  And the next question is….ARE YOU USING THE TOOLS?

You most likely will get messy, fall and trip a bunch during this new time, because you have the potential to experience something that you never have before.  Unchartered territory can feel immensely scary and cause us to unconsciously fall back into old patterns and tendencies that don’t serve us. (Blaming, judging,fighting, getting sick, obsession to work, worry about the future, our bodies, etc)   

Sarah perfectly exclaims, ’We may have to remove mask after mask until eventually we don’t even recognize ourselves, let alone anyone else knowing who the heck we are!

Peeling away our masks entails raw honesty and commitment.  It’s time to commit.

What if you looked at commitment as a statement of WHAT IS?  

‘You know what you are committed to by your results, NOT by what you SAY your commitments are.’ (Quoted from the 15 commitment of Conscious Leadership)

How can you commit to learning and then staying on course? Offer yourself up to the mystery constantly unfolding before, around and within you.  These are indeed intense times; lean in for support: http://vdacoaching.com/reach-out/

You are not alone.

With deep love and respect on your human journey,