How To Make Those Scary Changes You Know You Need

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I have decided to take a big leap and make a significant shift in my life.  I moved to Steamboat, Colorado almost three years ago for a few reasons: To create a deeper connection with Spirit, to slow my life down, to drop into the Divine feminine more, and for the incredible spiritual community.  It has treated me wonderfully, just wonderfully.At the same time, I had just sold Hanuman Festival, which many of you know was one of the most challenging decisions in my life.  At that point, I had lived in Boulder for 14 years and had been identified so much as purely a yoga teacher and the founder of Hanuman, that I felt unable to spread my wings as a Coach.  The move to Steamboat allowed me to do just that and embrace a new chapter of my life.  

Since about July of this year, I have been feeling an itch that I did not know how to scratch. It was as if my head kept hitting a ceiling, yet I was uncertain of what it all meant. I considered making a move to another mountain town, and when I allowed myself space and time to feel that out, it just didn’t feel ‘right’.  Teaching at the Sukhava Bhode Festival in Illinois was a game-changer for me.  As I wrote about in a recent blog, I connected with a community that felt like ‘home’ to me.  I love living in the Boat, yet all but two of my friends are married and/or have children.  It is a town of 12,000 people,and as lovely as that is for stillness, it does not necessarily nurture the desire I have to expand my business, as well as connect with a larger community on many different levels.  I began to feel lonely and ready for more. I am moving to Chicago after the India retreat and will be there until May. It feels FABULOUS and I am THRILLED about my decision. I feel grounded, aligned and nurtured to make this next step. AND, I have wanted to live in at least 2 different places, so I am finally manifesting it.  

  I am sharing this for two reasons:

One: I want you all to know about my exciting move and for you to get ready because big and fabulous things will be coming down the pipes at VDA Coaching!

Two:  Leaps like these in life can feel HUGE and scary for a lot of people.  Some of you may be considering some hefty changes right about now in your life.  Take a moment to watch The Connection Coach Tune-Up on how I supported a client to navigate through some big decisions in her life around her career, marriage, and life.   

So yes, Chicago in the winter may not make sense to most logical minds… though Spirit isn’t about making sense.  Sometimes taking a big leap in life won’t make the most sense, therefore it is imperative to be aware of our feelings and our own inner guidance, which ultimately means it’s important to differentiate between thoughts and your feelings.  Yes….there IS a difference.

vda coaching

Home Play:

*Notice if there is a desire for change knocking on your door. When you sit with the possibilities of it and allow yourself to dream about it, ask yourself: What is showing up in my physical body?  What thoughts are showing up?   

*If you find that you can’t go to the place of wonder, and you find yourself in a state of worry, consider allowing yourself a little space and time to process these very natural feelings.  This can be through journaling, speaking with a coach, therapist, or close friend (someone you feel safe with and you can trust they won’t judge or try just ‘fix’ it), draw it out, or dance it out. Find something to be with this energy and give it space to move through you.

*Once you have, it’s time to get honest. If you didn’t take this risk or make this change, what would it cost you?  What would you be giving up?  Would you be able to live authentically, in your Spirit, thriving where you are?  And if you can, GREAT!  If you find that you staying where you are would just blow out that candle inside of you and a part of you would feel as if you are dying, BE with it more.  Be with the feeling of the YES of what’s next and what’s possible.  Increase your pleasure muscle and the muscle of Trust and Faith.

Here’s the thing, there is NO right or wrong. This is for you to discern. It’s important to know YOUR tendencies, not just patterns you have noticed in others.  

*If your answer is to just run, pay attention to that. If your answer is to just stay because it’s easier, pay attention to that. Just pay attention, because wherever you go, you are right there. You KNOW what is best for you.  When you allow yourself space and time to process, to throw the worry, the shoulds, and other’s people’s beliefs of you to the wayside, you begin to hear the voice of your Highest Self; your Inner Wisdom.  Let that voice be heard and practice honoring that one. Soon, that voice will be louder and guide you.  Surrounding yourself with ‘believing eyes’ is SO important at this time. Who are you surrounding yourself with?  Are they people who believe in you and support your dreams?

This, just like so many things in life my friends, is a process.  You deserve the process, your life deserves the process, and your Spirit deserves the process. You CAN experience an extraordinary life in ALL realms.  Frequently, this means letting go of something to make space for the new.  That does not always feel good and can also come with a lot of other catabolic emotions such as fear, worry, and angst.  It is common to numb ourselves or to just stick with what we know, and I implore you to give something else a shot!

Lean in!  Reach out to us to see what you can join in on to support you during your transition and big life choices.  We have a number of fantastic offerings.  Shoot me an email to find out the best option for you:

With deep love and respect,