The Disconnection Epidemic - How True Is It?

With the increased speed of life and the inundation of technology, it has become that much easier to disconnect from the present. As a society, we are experiencing what I consider ‘The Disconnection Epidemic’, where true connection that satiates our spirit and nourishes our heart is few and far between, and is no longer honored or given priority. 

The more severe symptoms and repercussions of this epidemic can be seen in the staggering rates of health issues, depression, obesity, violence, and pollution, but can also be felt everyday through a general sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. 

The pressure to perform, be productive, and be plugged into technology constantly is daunting. If we are not filling every moment of our day with 'doing', it is common to feel like we are underperforming and not keeping up.
However, this busyness provides us with a great excuse to disconnect from all of our relationships. Our increasingly urban lifestyles allow for an easy disconnection from nature, our food source, and our community. Sitting behind a computer at a desk all day, and then going home to be on Facebook or watch Netflix allows for an easy disconnection from our bodies, minds, and emotions. The bombardment of messages from our media telling us that we are not good enough, we need more, and that there are so many things in life we should really fear, creates a huge disconnection from our spirit. 

Without consciously connecting through positive and nourishing vehicles, it is easy over time to feel alone, depressed, and even lost.  It is easy and normal to swing from one side of the pendulum in life to the other, and this is what we have done in the area of disconnection. More and more people are craving balance, and this is huge! 

Allowing ourselves to have authentic connections with like-minded people who share similar values and interests, and who show us tangible forms of their love and appreciation is priceless.  

So how do we bring back balance to the technological age and this fast, busy world? I feel a huge part of that answer is making a conscious choice to love ourselves enough to show up and start doing the work to reconnect to relationships. 

Take a moment and tune into The Connection Coach Tune-Up in order to learn about the series and this quarter’s topic around The Disconnection Epidemic.

Home Play:  
*Start to become aware of the ways in which you disconnect in life… whether you are alone or with other people.

*Get curious! Why do you feel you may be disconnecting? Is this habit? Avoidance? Begin to ask yourself questions as to the why?

*Discernment. If you discern that you are unconsciously checking out, it isn’t serving you, and you want to show up differently, good for you. If you decide it’s not important, good for you. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s an opportunity to get honest with yourself and to discern if this is something you want to create a deeper connection with in your life. If you don’t feel ready, that is totally ok. Either way, remember YOU HAVE A CHOICE. 
The intention of this series is to help you become aware of certain aspects of your life that may not be serving you. In that inquiry, through the support and wisdom of the experts on the interview ‘panel’, our hope is that you walk away with tips and tools to support you in creating a greater connection with yourself and other things and people that are important to you and support your growth. 
Please do join us! Information is below. If you feel you want more one-on-one support, reach out for a 15-minute consult to see if coaching is for you.  
With deep love and respect,