A Guest Newsletter from Drea Miesnieks: Support Through Transition

Namaste Sweet Friend,

It seems like the past month has been a crazy time for so many of us. With eclipses to retrogrades, changing seasons and all, you could say this autumn has been the perfect storm to culminate what feels a bit crazy. Over the past few years, I have noticed patterns within myself that often come as we move into the colder months of the year. Feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and just a lack of clarity often creep their way into my being this time of year. Finishing up my penultimate semester at CU-Boulder in Colorado before graduation, to say the least… I’m definitely feeling a lot.

I’m asking myself what’s next; who I am going to be after this bubble of security has popped, what my mark on the world is going to be. I’m at a time in my life where the world is truly my oyster…the opportunities are limitless and I could go in any direction. This is incredibly inspiring…and also pretty damn frightening. I love adventure, to explore, to travel. But something else in me loves the idea of rooting down in the community I have come to love and grow with. There are SO many options…and we can truly do anything.

This situation is not unique to me as a graduating college student. All of us constantly are witnessing change and undergoing immense transformation, whether we are cognizant of it or not. We truly are the makers of our own path. We’re not supposed to follow one that someone laid out for us, or one society has written the road map for.  There are countless diverging avenues of growth that bring us to similar, or vastly different places in life. At any point, we could decide to pick up, uproot and completely change our lives. This is empowering...but also brings up unease.

It’s hard to know when to shift, and when to stay. I feel an itch to travel, to experience things I have never imagined. I’m antsy to finish school, though I am unsure of the next steps. Right now, I’m trying to focus on remaining in the present. I’m actively indulging in gratitude for my current situations, as I know I’m so fortunate and blessed to be RIGHT here, RIGHT now. Though, I’m also at a time where the world seems to force me to looking towards the future, as we all commonly are, in one sense or another.

Right now I feel I’m in a crazy time of duality, with feelings that juxtapose each other and seem to muddle what the ‘right’ choice is. As I search deep within myself for answers through self-work, asana, and exploration, something really incredible comes to light. I have amazing resources all around me who are itching to help. Instead of permanently keeping these thoughts of ‘What’s next? And ‘What if?’ to myself, vocalizing them has completely changed the game.

I have so much gratitude for the incredible friends in my life. The network of sisters I am blessed to have keep me grounded, allow me to wander into my wildest dreams, and push me to think about things through another looking glass, always without judgment. I truly don’t know where I would be without the guidance, support, and more than anything, the listening ears of my support system.

These people have become my extended family. I used to be surrounded by people who would often push their own opinions, when all I needed was to just VENT and purely LET IT OUT.

When you find yourselves in a place of uncertainty or transition, it’s so important to have a team. Whether that team is a sister, brother, best friend, teacher or mentor, use them as a resource to sort through your thoughts, to unravel the tangled threads within you. Be that listening ear and support, and allow yourself to need and utilize that as well.

Home Play:

  • Brainstorm a list of who is in your support system, so that at any time you have people to reach out to. 
  • Work on being that support for others too. That way, both parties will feel more comfortable sharing with one another and you'll feel great about being a rock for someone else. 

Transition is scary. Transition is beautiful. As the sun goes down earlier, the light begins to fade; a door opens to self-work, shadow work. While spending alone time is invaluable and such a key component of who we are, having that unwavering support and love to return to is incredibly necessary, potent medicine. 

Blessings and Big Love,

Drea and the VDA Coaching Team