Each month I set an intention, and this is largely based on what is happening astrologically. The intention for the month of November was to expand my container.  I recognize this year I have created a lot of space in letting go of many things that I feel are no longer serving the present me or furthering me towards where I desire to go. I recognize that in making such a bold statement to the universe, ‘I wish to expand my container’, yes doors will open, which inevitably means other doors must close to create space for what is coming in.  It means a certain dismantling of certain ways of being, beliefs, and even physical things or people in my life will begin to shift.  It also means that if I really do wish to live a certain way, that it is important for me to embody a new, complementary way of being. Who I am NOW does not necessarily resonate with this new ‘place’ I am stepping into. That is a lot of change!  

Asking for this can bring up tremendous emotions, and ones that don’t always feel so good. Yes, there is excitement, wonder, inspiration.  These go hand in hand with uncertainty, fear, overwhelm, and grief. These are all natural, beautiful and human emotions.

We are more than just our minds, we are emotional, physical and Spiritual beings as well. Although I fully believe this and know it on a visceral level, I sometimes forget. At times it’s hard not to. When I forget, I find myself operating solely from my mental realm and find myself overthinking, trying to ‘figure’ it all out. Alas, there I am, in competition with the greater plan of Spirit, exhausted, and feeling like I am ten feet off the earth…not to mention, feeling lonely and lost.  

Our mind is finite and only knows what it is has experienced so far or what it sees.  What about what it hasn’t yet seen? How can we manifest from ALL aspects of who we are: the mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual?  I know is when we are working toward manifesting what we truly desire from all aspects of who we are, 4 is greater than 1: More power, more tools, more possibility.

Take a moment to watch my own personal experience on how I started to adapt when my container started to expand,  how I remembered to drop into ALL aspects of me, and how I softened into a new way of being to match the frequency of where I am going.

We are launching the DESIGN YOUR LIFE SERIES, where we will be offering effective tools using all of the four bodies in order to become a Master Of Manifesting.


If you are ready to:

*Expand Your Container

*Experience more consistent joy

*Live in alignment with your passions

*Create relationships that fuel you

*Generate more wealth

*Attract the love you desire

*Dance through life with more balance and ease…

Then… STAY TUNED!!  We have incredible life-changing tools and resources that will support you in expanding into the WHO your heart craves to be in this lifetime.

My wish for us all is that we allow ourselves to be open to the miraculous unfolding of all possibilities that are always available and truly accessible to us.