A Foreign Concept For Many Of Us….Nourish YOU during this holiday season!

Yep, we have all heard it on the airplane, ‘Put your mask on before you put your child’s on.’  WHY?  Because, you are no good to anyone if you are coming from an empty tank, flailing through life ungrounded and not taken care of. As a coach, I frequently see people getting frazzled during the holiday season with their to do list, all of the different parties they need/want to attend, as well over consumption of alcohol and unhealthy food. All of this, as well as neglecting to take adequate time to really nourish ourselves, initiates the descent down a rabbit hole. This rabbit hole is one with consistent feelings of worry, anxiety, frustration, or overwhelm. These feelings are usually accompanied with thoughts such as, ‘Don’t they see how hard I am working?  I’ll never get it all done!  Why is this always happening to me? Don’t I ever get a break?  Life can be so hard. There is SO much to do!’


Fueling yourself through nurturing people, food, quality time alone, slower movements without an agenda, getting out of our heads and into our bodies, are essential to help us stay  grounded during this time of year.  When we hit the pause button for ourselves, we often gain more clarity about where we are in any moment, what’s really happening inside of us, and ultimately take responsibility for our lives, decreasing our tendency to wallow as the victim, project or blame others for what is occurring in our lives.

Home Play: (Questions to contemplate for clarity)

*What does ’Nourish Yourself’ mean to YOU?  

*On a scale of 1-10, how important is self-nourishment to you?  

*What are your personal beliefs around self-nourishment?  Where did they come from? How many of these beliefs are aligned with what you really want?

Becoming aware of how we treat ourselves and the quality self-time we allocate, will often shed some light on how things may or may not be working in other areas of our life. Remember, like energy attracts like energy.  If you don’t believe you are worthy of that time or aren’t giving yourself that time, that will inevitably be reflected back via your relationships with others.  Staying connected with people who honor who you are, value you, appreciate you are often things we crave.  Stay connected to YOU with kindness, love, and appreciation, and the rest will follow suit!  

Don’t buy it?  Why not give it a shot?  I mean, what do you really have to loose by practicing it?

Take a moment and check out the different treats we are offering over the next few months and consider using these as tools to help nourish you during this time and set yourself up for co-creating an extraordinary 2016!!

With deep love and respect,