Are You Her??

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

The Spring Equinox is this Friday, and it is aligned with some incredibly powerful cosmic events this year – a new moon a total solar eclipse, all on the same day! WHAT?? I know right??!! This is such a powerful time to get really clear on what you want, and then anchor it in. Because this is such a potent time, be sure that you really want what you are asking for.

Right now it is perfect time to dive deep in yourself and your heart, and ask “What are my true deepest desires? What is the calling of my spirit that I am unwilling to hide any longer?” See what comes up without censorship. This process might bring up all sorts of emotions, which is totally normal, but what would it take for you to feel worthy enough to ask for those desires to become reality?

So much of my work over the last few years has been around stepping up and asking for what I really want, and then getting out of my own way enough to receive it. This can be scary and vulnerable and exciting all at the same time, and is a daily practice. But what I know for sure is that I am done playing small. I am done hiding behind the rationalizations, the what if’s, the should’s, and the fear. I’m ready to play HUGE, I am ready to share 100% of my gifts with the world, and deliver the impact I know I am meant to make. I would actually be doing a disservice if I continue to play small. (Oh and just a side note…so would you…just sayin’)

All of that said, I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that I have been working on something HUGE behind the scenes. I cannot wait to share it with you, but in the meantime, I am asking for some help…

In order to deliver the best programs that fill your biggest wants and needs, I am looking to speak with women who are ready to deliver the impact they know are meant to make. 

I am looking for a very specific woman to interview, are you her?

She wants:

Intentional Collaboration – She knows she is here to pioneer new frontiers, institute new ways of being on this planet, and push the envelope in a conscious direction. She craves other Spiritual Companions to collaborate and celebrate with on this journey and is ready to ground in the work she has been doing with the support of community.

Create an Impact – She feels an unresolved need to have a broader reach and greater expansion in the world. She yearns to sink deep into the heart and be directed from an internal place, rather than external, and is ready to make an impact from her own self direction.

Ignite her superpowers – She is ready to harness her magnetic feminine energy and redefine the concept of power. She knows that her greatest assets lie her intuition, receptivity, and desires. 

Fill her cup - She is ready to synthesize the work she is doing in a more nourishing, holistic, and devotional way. She is ready to feel alive, fulfilled, and provided for in all areas of life on a day to day basis.

If this is you, can I interview you?

Please reach out to me at

The interview will take about half an hour, and we will dive deep into what you really want! In exchange, I have an amazing audio meditation for you. It’s the meditation I use daily to show up as aligned and potent as possible!

Do you know someone else who fits the description? I would love to chat with them too!

You can send them an email that says:

Hi (name). My friend Valerie is working on creating programs for smart and progressive women who are ready to deliver the impact they are meant to make, and I thought of you. She would love to interview you and find out your biggest dreams and desires. Would it be okay if I introduce you two?

Thank you sweet spirits for your support, and I absolutely cannot wait to help you live the life of your biggest dreams and deepest desires!

The time is now! We are so supported my friends – step out, take the leap, you will be met with more grace, abundance, and love than you ever thought possible.

Live from your Spirit, LOVE your life,