Closure and Forgiveness: How to shift from 'UGH' to 'AHHHHH!'

Namaste Sweet Friends,

Closure is an interesting thing. I recently learned how important it was to me through a few different encounters. I recognize it is beneficial for me in order to feel grounded and more connected with myself, and closure offers more space to accept and trust the unfoldment of 'what is' in life.

Closure can be created alone, or with others. Sometimes, it isn't possible to create it with someone else, for either they are no longer around or they are unwilling to participate. Closure can also occur with things, such as leaving a job. 

I have found that setting intention or creating a certain ritual around letting go of something or someone, leaves me feeling a sense of peace and ease. I also feel that with this intentional awareness, I am more cognizant of the newly available space that is ripe and ready to create something new.

Along with closure comes something that can be challenging to invite in, which is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a tough one in certain situations because it often leaves people feeling like they are giving their power away, or that they are saying what that person did was ok. 

The thing about holding onto anger or any other catabolic (negative) energy toward someone or something is that it actually does little to that thing or person, and does way more harm to us. When we hold onto that low energy, it becomes toxic in our bodies.

Forgiveness can look like ‘I forgive you, but that does not mean that what you did was ok. I am not willing to hold onto this energy anymore and wish to free myself of this energy, choosing to see your Spirit in this moment. I choose to see your humanness as someone who made a mistake.' Again, this does not condone what the person did. I want to acknowledge that this can absolutely be more challenging if it is a deep trigger or trauma. Still, we can ask ourselves the questions, 'How might I be responsible for creating toxic energy in my body?’ And, 'Do I really want to hold onto this toxic energy?'

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up on my own recent experience on creating closure and different suggestions on what that might look and feel like. 

Home Play:

*Take some time to write a list of where in your life you might be holding onto anger toward someone or something that is creating more anxiety or disease in your body.

*Where might you be able to let go of the person, thing, or story in order to free your own self?

*If you find that there is something that it might be time to let go of, consider creating a ritual by either writing it down and burning it, praying to it, or even having a conversation with that person letting them know of your resolve. You can also come up with your own personal way of creating closure and letting go, allowing it to potentially be a deep connection with your own self, where you 'take your power back', and free yourself of the lower energies.

Again, forgiveness and letting go can be extremely challenging and everything inside of you may be saying, 'NO WAY!! What they did was messed up and they 'should' do that!' It is common to feel that. My question to you is, how might that be a victim stance, and where can you take responsibility? 

Still feel stuck?? You are not alone. Reach out to me for a 20 minute consult and let me support you around creating closure, forgiveness, and letting go.

You are worth living free of that toxic energy. You are loved!!

Live from your Spirit, love your life,