Developing Your Intuition

Namaste Sweet Friends!

In the I Ching workbook, written by R.L. Wing, it says, 'Time requires patience, a long-term commitment, and a vision of what you ultimately wish to accomplish.’

Yes, it's true...patience is a virtue, and it can be difficult to discern the message when we hit an obstacle. Do we bust ahead in order to break through? Do we let go of our plan and choose another direction? Or do we get completely distraught about the seeming failure?

Sitting in that discernment doesn't always feel so good and there are often no easy answers. It's in those moments we have the opportunity to listen to our intuition. When we do, we will know which path to take. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back, and in that, we realize we don’t have to plough through a challenge, but rather we will see a way through it that is supported and guided. 

Listening to our intuition is something that most of us were not taught. It takes space, time, patience....ah yes, and there we are again with that word. 

A common way to connect with your intuition is sitting and meditating, creating space for your own inner wisdom to be heard.

Take a moment to listen to your OT Coaching Tune-Up on ways in which to Develop Your Intuition. Also, take action and answer the Home Play below.

Home Play:

*There are many different tools to use in developing our intuition. Pick one of the tools suggested in the above video, and practice it for at least 3 minutes a day.

*Throughout the week, begin to put out there what you would like to see, and just expect to get it. For example, when the phone is ringing, guess who it is before you look down. Put out something you want someone to give you or to show up in your day and watch to see what happens.

*Journal each day about the different things you may have seen, heard, felt or just known that came to you.

Remember, as Caroline Myss states, 'Intuition is not a gift, it is a skill.' We all have it. Just like any other muscle, we need to put time and energy toward in in order to strengthen it.

Have fun!!

If you feel you want a little support in developing your intuition, send me an email to set up a 20 minute consult on how coaching can support you along your journey. Having a coach is a phenomenal way to have someone hold you accountable and offer you tools.

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Live from your Spirit, love your life,