Establish A New Relationship With Your Core Wounds

Namaste Sweet Friends!

A few weeks ago in a newsletter, I spoke about my experience at ArchAngel Academy. Clearly it had a huge positive impact on my life. If you haven't already read it, check it out!

At the two day event, I felt high. Truly. As if someone had 'slipped me a mickey' (I have never used that analogy before and I giggle as I write... but whateve!) We all couldn't get enough of one another and the love in the room was palpable.

Because I had never experienced that high level of connection with that many people in one room, simultaneously I would have moments of, 'Oh my G-d, am I really worthy of being here? Am I really good enough? Do I really have anything to share and offer that would be of service here?' All extremely normal thoughts. And each time, I practiced gentleness and kindness toward myself. (Practice being the key word here). I would acknowledge and validate those feelings, and I also acknowledged that my old way of being, my core wound, was so badly wanting to keep me where it is comfortable, with what I have always known. It was a threat to that part of me because if I really believed that I belonged here, a part of me... my past, my story... would die. It would have to in order to create space for a new.

Since the event, Giovanni (the founder of ArchAngel Academy), created a Facebook page for the tribe, a place where we can share our gifts, ask for support, and offer tools that help us on our journey. It is completely inspiring. I feel like Facebook is my new boyfriend as I get so excited to see what the latest post is on the page. Not to mention, I get slight anxiety each time I want to post something, because my 'I'm not good enough' gremlin, starts to rear its head. I take a deep breath, A and V (acknowledge and validate) the crap out of those feelings, discern if my intention for sharing is from my heart or my head, and take action or don't.

It's amazing. There is a love affair that is occurring with 100 other people, and I feel a pulsation of lightening running through my veins every day. How does that sound?? Makes you kind of want this 'drug' doesn't it? Yep... so good.

Last week I spoke of the importance of having 'believing eyes' in your life. To be within community, where you feel held, seen, as well as inspired to push beyond your comfort zone, is something I wish everyone could experience. I want to 'be better' in life. And I don't mean that from an unhealthy masculine push, strive, or force. I don't mean it as being the best above others either. What I mean is I want to be the best ME ever. I want to shine my authentic talents, my sincere love, and spread it, in order to inspire others to be their best.

Again, when we invite this into our lives, our deep core wounds will come up, tripping our upper limit (a phrase coined by Gay Henrdicks), coaxing us back to what is comfortable. It is important to discover what the wound is and learn a new way of being with it so we can step into our new way of being, and ultimately thrive in life.

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up on how to establish a new relationship with your core wounds. 

Home Play:

*Remember, awareness is the first step. Become aware of the repetitive emotional, physical, and mental ways in which you want to dim your light. For example, let's say you wish to step out and shift your career or rebrand yourself. You may feel a pit in your stomach, feelings of anxiety and insecurity may creep in, and the thoughts might sound like, 'You are crazy for even considering that. You aren't smart enough.'

*After you A and V those feelings, ask yourself the question, 'What do I have to believe in order for that to be true.' Write down the answer. You will find that there is a story playing that is most likely not congruent with who you are in present time.

*Take some time to journal and go back through your life the times in which you felt that feeling and had those similar thoughts. Also acknowledge the times you didn’t and write those down too, and you will see that you had moments of confidence, where the upper limiting didn’t even effect you. (Per the work of Annie Roberts-Qigong healer in Boulder, Co)

*Pay attention to the theme that keeps coming up. There is a deep story, a statement that represents your core wound that hits home. You will know when you get there, it will feel like a ping in your gut, a big 'AHHH! That's it!'

*Consider drawing in the new mantra and the feelings you want to feel in meditation and throughout the day. A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated again and again, which expresses someone's beliefs. Most of us have catabolic/negative mantras we play over and over again, so coming up with one that will support what you DO want is important.

This is potentially a BIG one for a lot of people, friends, and peeling back the layers to discover that deep core wound takes patience, time, and honestly. You are worth it!!

If you feel you want support in this, please do reach out for a 20 minute consult to see if coaching is for you. I love coaching people to help them remove the blocks which hold them back from living an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

This is it, the one life you have got in this body. Ready to make it the best ever??! Looking forward to hearing from you friends!

Live from your Spirit, love your life,