India 2014: A Willingness To Go Inward

Namaste Sweet Friends,

Many people have asked me how and why I started leading cultural retreats to India. India had never been on my 'bucket list' before I made the trip nine years ago with my teacher, Gurumukh Khalsa.  When I learned she was going, I got the 'inner ding' that I was to go. I didn't question it, I signed up, and three months later I was on a plane.

I had never been to a 3rd world country at that point in my life, and had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I find it rather difficult to explain what it was I felt when I got to India. I have written before that it was like returning home. It was as if a missing piece of the puzzle in my heart was placed and it fit perfectly. The deep respect and love the Indians have for their land, the ganga, and one another is something I had never experienced. There is an acceptance of 'what is' in life, that has a foundation of trust and love. The colors, the smells, the kindness, the heart, the richness....I could go on forever, truly.  After my first 3 weeks there, I knew I was to come back and bring others with me. Six months later, I offered my first retreat.

With the help of my new Indian friends, who are now my family, we pieced it together and created an experience for people to connect with one another, the land, the history, and the locals.  Over the years, I have witnessed people's lives transform, which I feel like is one of biggest blessings on the planet.

When you come to India for something like this retreat, you leave your 'to do' list behind, your family, your day to day duties, and you create space.  For some, it is the most personal time they have had for themselves in years. In that space, one ever knows what will surface. Space is funny like that.

You are invited to look at all parts of you, even the parts you may not feel are worthy to be seen. You are not alone in that process. This magical place, the others on the journey with you, the Gods and Goddesses, new Indian friends, and myself, all bear witness to a divine unfoldment of what I feel represents the essence of the lotus.  There is a beauty and love that one potentially discovers inside, that only they can cultivate with their willingness, courage, and commitment. It is something no one can ever take away.

Each trip I grow, I learn, and I am humbled.

Thank You India.

"India is a place where everything holds meaning. The beauty that lies within her willingness and ability to teach what that is, and where to search within to reveal the answers." Kellie Nelson (2014 retreat attendee)

Next November 2015 will be the 10th annual retreat to Experience India. Contact me for more information and to reserve your spot now. 

Live from your Spirit, Love your life,