Often A Big Leap Can Affirm an Abundant Life

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

Have you ever had the ‘hit’ to do something? Where everything inside you said YES and you just knew you had to? What happened then?? Did you follow through? Did you say yes, and feel guilt after? Did you say no and feel anger toward yourself regret about your choice? Did you say yes and then hide it from others?

I started to study with Tony Robbins when I was 20. About 10 years ago, I set a goal to make it to Fiji for one of his Mastery University Programs. This past March, everything inside of me was saying, ’It’s time’. I spoke with my business partner, Brittany about it. She asked, ‘If you go, will you be able to deal with any catabolic (negative) feelings around it?’ I responded, ‘If I DON’T go, it’s those feelings I will not want to be with.’ That was my answer, and I booked it.

As a coach, I am a huge proponent of celebrating yourself and allowing yourself to shine big. It’s interesting, I am so proud of myself. I feel ‘worthy’ of this trip and this experience. I feel blessed and beside myself about going inward and spending time on me.

I haven’t taken a retreat for myself in 9 years, since I went to India with my teacher Gurumukh. It’s funny, as I write I started to see if I was justifying myself or if I was explaining to give you the background story. Hmmmmm… perhaps a little of both. And, I am choosing to leave that last part in. Why? Because here’s the thing, I am STOKED, HONORED, THRILLED!!! I am going to Fiji for my birthday and darn it, I would want you to celebrate if you were going.

So, what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t walk my talk? I would be out of integrity. Being in integrity is one of my top values, so that just isn’t cutting it. 

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up on my own personal process of how I finally gave myself permission to celebrate.

Home Play:

*When you get a ‘hit’ that you want to do something or go somewhere, how does it show up? Do you feel something? Do you hear a voice? Do you just KNOW? Pay attention to these sounds, this is your intuition. 

*What have you done up until this point when you got the internal guidance? Have you honored it, or gave reasons as to why not to listen?

*Next time you get a hit and allow yourself some time to be with it and feel it out and it is still a yes, consider going for it. Then once you do choose to go for it, see if you can share it from an authentic place. From the part of you that says, my Truth knows I am to do this, and I am choosing to honor and trust my inner wisdom.

When we learn to trust the wisdom of our own internal teacher, miracles occur. From a human perspective, we may go into big story as to why we shouldn’t have something or do something. Why then are we so ok with icky stuff happening? Meaning, why are we ok and even expecting of the worst to occur? 

The Divine works in miraculous ways. Perhaps our saying yes to that intuitive hit, is saying yes to something so much bigger. Maybe we were supposed to meet someone, learn something that changes our lives, or end up moving somewhere or getting a job from that opportunity? We don’t know. And if we don’t allow ourselves to receive that gift from the Universe and then celebrate, we are re-living that old message of I am not worthy. How come we are so much more willing to share our shit than we are to share our successes? 

So SHARE!! Please share!! I want to support you in celebration of YOU and the choices you make to allow your Spirit to shine!!

If you are looking for support around this and if you have been getting the ‘hit’ to speak with me about coaching, GO FOR IT!! Shoot me an email. Who KNOWS what can come out of it?!


Live from your Spirit, love your life,