The Story Behind The Emotions

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

I am utterly intrigued about how the health of our cells determines the health and vibrancy of our lives. Yes, this does have to do with the physical, such as the food you eat and the environments you spend time in. It also has to do with the quality and frequency of your thoughts and feelings. 

As a coach, I feel one of the greatest tools is to acknowledge and validate yourself and your feelings. What I notice though, especially for many achievers in life that want to be ‘perfect’, get it ‘right’, or move through it quickly, there is an important step we sometimes skip. 

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up on what happened with one of my clients where she discovered that feeling her feelings wasn’t the only step to take to re-create new patterning.

'Our heart is made of cells, our lungs are made of cells, our skin is made of cells, our brain is made of cells, our bones are made of cells, and so on.

Our body is a community of trillions of individually living cells, and so, our overall state of bodily health is a perfect representation of how healthy, or unhealthy, our individual cells are.

Having healthy cells means we have a healthy body, and having stressed out, unhealthy, dysfunctional cells means the body has disease.

Cells constantly subjected to physical, emotional, and energetic stress become dysfunctional, and this dysfunction equates to ‘dis-ease’ because the cells/body are no longer at ease.

When it’s really broken down, every single health issue, no matter the name, comes down to cellular health. In fact, the only thing that our cells do, and what they do 24 hours a day, is protect, heal, repair, regenerate, and rebuild.

The only reason they haven’t been able to heal themselves, or stay healthy, thus far, is because of that constant, unrelenting cellular stress in our lifestyle.

If we remove or even just decrease the sources of cellular stress from our lifestyle, and provide the body the required care, love, tools, nutrients, and energy it needs, our lives will be more joyous, healthy, and fulfilling.’

Powerful!! We live in a time where things are moving so fast, therefore our stress levels inevitably increase. We also live in such an extraordinary time where incredible tools are available to support us in de-stressing. The best part is… WE HAVE A CHOICE! 

Home Play:

*When you notice yourself starting to feel catabolic/negative feelings, ask yourself, ‘What thoughts are associated with these feelings?’

*What do you have to believe in order for that thought to be true? Does that belief represent who you are in present time? If not, what belief would you rather have about this?

*How can you allow yourself to remember that you are not your feelings and the feelings are just energies moving through your body? How can you disassociate the feelings from the belief and give yourself permission to let them be just energy?

Remember, we are talking about looking at the story behind the feelings, and often times the story is subconscious. If you find that you can’t quite grasp this, you are not alone. It is normal to feel a little uncertain because so often these patterns are so deep. Lean in! 

Shoot me an email to set up a 15 minute consult. Having a coach is a fantastic way for someone to help you stop going into stories that are breaking down your body, so you can recreate new stories that will build you back up and create a healthy, fulfilling, vibrant life!

Live from your Spirit, LOVE your life,