Wait A Minute... You Can't Shine THAT Big!!!

Namaste Sweet Friends,

I have been feeling so good about the many things occurring in my life: Attending ArchAngel, getting clear about our business and the synchronicities opening up around it, affirming our direction and that we are on our ‘soul’s path’. The abundant amount of resources available to me, feeling awesome and on purpose while teaching, leading workshops, classes, and coaching sessions, and of course attending Tony Robbins - and even meeting him.

On the morning of the new moon, I was flooded with texts from people saying congratulations for your picture in the paper. I knew there was a photographer who came in to take pictures in my yoga class the previous day, yet I had very little idea as to where they would show up, as the pictures were for something that I wasn’t even involved in. Not only was it a picture on the front of the entertainment page, there was a picture on the front page of the Steamboat newspaper! I felt honored, exited, significant, seen, adored.

Simultaneously, I started to notice feelings of anxiety and worry sneak in. Thoughts crept in... ‘Maybe that should be someone else. They didn’t come in to make it about me, so why am I on the cover? I hope ‘so and so’ isn’t mad it’s me because it should have been her.’ So interesting. These catabolic thoughts flooded in as quickly as the anabolic ones. What was happening?

According to Executive Coach Gay Hendricks, I was ‘upper limiting’ myself. I have spoken about this before in previous newsletters, and I feel it is a concept to revisit as it can rear its silly little head in a myriad of ways.

This one? I was tripping my upper limit of, ‘I can’t shine too big.’ It’s funny though because it is in direct conflict with my desire to shine brightly in the world, to make a huge impact, and serve millions of people. So, now what?

This fabulous quote by channeler, teacher, and speaker Lee Harris, is a perfect description of upper limiting ourselves:

’You are so good as human beings, shrinking down to the lowest common denominator near you. It is a rare human being that holds their joy, when another next to them is depressed. Usually the joyous person will bring their joy down to meet the depressed person half way. Imagine if you could hold your joy that bright and that strong, then the depressed person would lift. AH yes, but of course! No, actually they wouldn’t. Why? Because within their depression we would find judgement, envy, separation. And once they noticed you weren’t meeting them half way, they would project all of these issues at you. So you, in order to avoid feeling judged, separated, or envied, learn to modify a little.’

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up about what happened and how I continued to practice and invite in the new story I want to create in my life.

Home Play:

*Let’s discover if one of your core wounds is ‘I can’t shine to big.’ Take a moment to write down all of the times and ways in which you stopped yourself from expanding, showing up big around others. Times when you deflected when you were on fire and showing up differently. This could be when you were ‘performing’ in some area of your life and all of a sudden lost your voice, forgot a line, got sick before, felt bad after you did shine or achieve something big, or played it down. 

*Acknowledge and Validate those feelings and thoughts. Once we name it we take its power away. Give yourself space and time to acknowledge that is not only common for many of us to do because we have been entrained, it is also a pattern most of us have had for many years. 

*Write down all of the ways in which playing small has cost you in your life: emotionally, physically, within relationships, etc. Pain and pleasure are two motivating factors. We either do something to increase our pleasure or avoid pain. It’s important to shift our neuroassociation and see that NOT stepping into our greatness is more painful than dimming our light.

*After, write down or say your new story. What it is you DO want. I dare you to even do both! Write it down AND say it. Even say it consistently throughout the day, say it in front of the mirror. Especially when you notice the dimming action, feelings, or thoughts occurring, say your new story; your new belief.

Again, it is common and normal for this to be SUPER uncomfortable. I am here for you!! Having a coach is a FANTASTIC way to stay steadfast in the direction you DO want to go!Shoot me an email to set up your 15 minute consult and to see if coaching is for you!

I have room for a few more clients!! I am offering $125 off a coaching package until April 30th. Let me know if you are ready to take your power back and shine brightly!!

I love you and support you fully in playing BIG in the world. You got this!!

Live from your Spirit, love your life,