What Are A Man's and Women's Greatest Needs?

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

A women's greatest need is to feel safe. This could be in areas such as expression of their emotions or feeling physically safe. A man's greatest need is to be honored and respected for his decisions and actions. This could show up in choosing to get in the left lane driving or in his desire to fix things and make things better.

I have been studying masculine and feminine energies in people for many years now, and love that it is a topic that I will most likely be learning and growing in for the rest of my life. Why? Because just like so many things in life, there is no 'right or wrong' and is continually evolving, just as we are.

Speaking of right or wrong, as far as the above statement, I am not saying his decision to go into the left lane is 'right' or correct. It's honoring the fact that he made the decision to do it. It's not saying he is right in wanting to fix the situation, (Lord knows that women are 95% of the time not looking for a fix, we are looking to feel heard), it's rather the acknowledgment that he cares that much to want to fix, and expressing gratitude instead of frustration.

For women, it is not saying that her flying off the handle because her friend cancelled on her is 'right', it is acknowledging and respecting her feelings in that moment, while giving her space and offering tenderness in those moments she is allowing herself to be vulnerable and feel safe in that expression. 

I am not asking that you agree with me, and again, I am not saying I am right. For who I am and where I am in present time, these two beliefs are ones that I believe support the balance of the healthy masculine and healthy feminine. What I mean by that is, when we respect one another for our innate ways of being, whether more emotional or more logical, there is potential for harmony, rather than when we berate or belittle. 

Recently I had the most extraordinary opportunity to attend 'Unleash The Power Within' lead by Tony Robbins. For those of you don't know, I have been studying with Tony via books and audiobooks for 20 years now. And when I say studying, I mean, if you have ever seen me hiking or biking up a mountain with headphones on or even driving or cleaning my house, I am most likely listening to him or to one of my other teachers. 

I want his information to be the most paramount in my mind. Yes, some may call this excessive as well as coining me as a 'personal growth junkie'. For me, it is my saving grace because the information that he shares is extremely different from my upbringing, as well as the majority of my past overpowering limiting beliefs and internal criticism.

I digress, attending that Unleash The Power Within was the first time I have EVER seen him in person!! I have waited and waited, even postponed this event for 2 years. Why? Because I never felt that 'inner ding'... It's TIME! And... it was time! 

Take a moment to listen to this weeks Organic Twist coaching tune up where Valerie speaks on the deeper exploration of the masculine and feminine needs.


*Become aware of these two energies and what they mean to you. What is masculine energy to you? What is feminine energy to you? What words would you use to describe each?

*Which energy do you mostly resonate in? Write down all of the ways in which you are masculine in life and which ways you show up in the feminine?

*On a scale of 1-10, how does the above answer make you feel? (1 being not feeling so good, 10 being, effing sensational!) Which energy would you like to embody more of? Write down three steps you can take on a daily basis to bring more of the energy you wish into your life. (For example, if you want more feminine energy, you may want to wear more skirts or jewelry, take a bath tonight, dance around your living room). Consider committing to three things a day for at least 10 days and take note of what changes in your life.

Feeling a little stuck in this area? You are SO not alone! We have been imbalanced in these areas for so long and there are very little role models exhibiting a healthy balance between the two. 

Lean in!! Email me to set up a 15 minute coaching consult to see if you would like to get coaching around this very important, yet undervalued topic and create the life you deserve to have with more respect, honor, and ease! 


Live from your Spirit, love your life,