What If It Was Never Okay To Have A Cold?

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

Toward the end of last month I, just like many other people during the changing of seasons, got sick. I thought it was a typical head cold and was like, ’no big deal’. In the grand scheme of life, it was no big deal… until it hit me a little harder, and lasted for a longer period of time. The constant sinus headache, no energy, sore throat, coughing, and wheezy chest all started to get to me over the two week period, and I felt that my Spirit started to sink.

I never really ‘learned' how to be sick. I don’t have one memory of my mom laying on the couch when she was sick to take care of herself. She had 2 jobs and was taking care of 2 children as a single mom, she ‘couldn’t afford to be sick’. When my sister or I got sick, as for a majority of our generation, we were frequently put on antibiotics because, well… that’s what you do, right?

Existing for a majority in my life as the achiever, the doer, pushing in the overly excessive masculine energy, it makes sense that I would not really know how to be sick.

Whenever I would get sick, many of my wonderful friends who are moms would send me a recipe for bone broth soup. SO kind of them. The thing is, I would literally go to pick up the recipe and feel paralyzed, completely unable to take the first step. Why?

This was so foreign to me. Although I have done a tremendous amount of work around self-love and acceptance and truly love myself SO very much, this part of me had not yet been awakened. There was yet another layer of me that didn’t feel worthy of this love, this nurturance.

I came to the conclusion that I need someone to actually walk me through making the soup and show me how it is done. One of the things I know about myself is that I learn best when someone shows me something as opposed to reading it in a book, for I then can take it in on a visceral level.

It makes sense that in this situation it would call on that need even stronger, because the wound was so deep. Here’s the beautiful thing - all of the ‘work’ I have done up until this point around greater self love and acceptance has allowed me to now be able to receive this new level of nurturance. Now THAT is the Divine unfoldment of the universe ALWAYS working FOR us.

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up and check out how I began to create a different more healthy perspective on being sick, one that is allowing me to ultimately live more freely in the Divine feminine.

Home Play:

* Take some time to write out how you are with your ability to self-care, on a scale of 1-10. Look at this on all levels:
Physical: exercise, food, water, taking sick days from work, massages or other healing modalities.
Emotional: Making time for friends who you feel a deep connection with, allowing yourself, being playful, accepting your feelings - including the catabolic ones.
Mental: Taking classes, trying new things to stimulate your brain, doing things that challenge you mentally.
Spiritual: Meditation or prayer, yoga, time in nature, self-reflection, being in a state of gratitude, expanding your ‘pleasure muscle’ and allowing yourself to be in joy for extended periods of time.
Creative: Singing or enjoying music, journaling, writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, or any kind of creating that you feel drawn to.

* Look back at these and notice the areas where you desire to have higher numbers. Each day, consider taking one area and make one addition or adjustment to invite in something that will increase that area. WHY do you want to bring more of this into your life? Get clear on the intention for yourself.

* During this process, be super conscious if you are making this a ‘have to’ or a ‘should’. How can you remember that this is a choice and the intention behind why you are doing it?

For so long, self-care and self-nurturance have been considered negative, with the attachment that being selfish is a ‘bad’ thing. I chose to shift my perspective. Just like most things, any in the excess is not healthy. As far as I am concerned, being selfish is necessary in order to have our cups full and to serve others from a whole place. (Everything in moderation, right?)

That said, this is not always comfortable or easy for many people, as we have been conditioned for 20, 30, even 40 years. Lean in! Reach out to me to set up a 15 minute consult to see if having a coach is a way you can invite this new way of being in and experience on a visceral level so it sticks.

Having someone to hold you accountable and be on your team is a powerful way to sustain positive change in your life.

You are worthy, you are loved!! You deserve to be nurtured JUST because you are YOU!

Live from your Spirit, love your life,