What To Do When You Hit A Plateau

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

There is something that occurs with everyone, whether in business or life in general, and no one is exempt from it. It is the inevitable plateau that comes along after some time. Plateau's frequently come after a significant amount of movement or momentum. Since there is no movement in a plateau, most people freak out. The ‘freak out’ comes because there is a belief attached that something is 'wrong'. That belief causes people to react in a myriad of ways. Here are three possible ways it could manifest:

1. White knuckle: Grip on so tight and start to push and force things to make something move. This leads to frustration, anger, and chaos.

2. Pity party for one: Complain and go into huge, victim story so much so that it is all that they talk about. This leads to feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and massive fear.

3. Throw in the towel: Feel so defeated that they just give up and walk away. Feelings of worthlessness and depression may set in.

It’s a great to know how you show up in the pause, because how you show up could greatly affect your success.

Being that I am an achiever and have a lot of ‘fire’ energy, in the past I would choose option 1, white knuckling. I would push and force, feeling such anxiety, which would only lead to more doing. This would have very little to no results in the direction I wanted to go, and instead leave me feeling more fearful, anxious, and exhausted.

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching-Tune Up on how I learned to shift my perspective when I recently hit a plateau in my business and how that one shift changed everything. I mean EVERYTHING. :)

Home Play:

*What do you tend to do when you hit a plateau in your career or in life?

*Belief: What is your belief about the pause and how does the belief serve you? What is the belief costing you? (Physically, emotionally, Spiritually, within relationships, financially, your health, etc.)

*When you hit your next plateau, choose to reframe your belief around it by asking yourself the question, “How might I use this pause as an opportunity to learn something different?” Then write down a belief you would rather be true about the pause. This belief will serve toward growth in the direction you do want. Revisit this belief DAILY, by writing it down, having it up on your shrine, or even using it as a mantra during the times of the pause.

Most successful business people have learned to trust the plateau and use it as a time to rest. They trust that they will come out on the other side even stronger and more ready than when they did start to see movement again. They also see it as an opportunity to open up and perhaps learn something new, even a new way of being.

Feel a little challenged around this because the fear is so great that you won’t succeed? You are not alone!! This is SO very normal and where a majority of people tend to trip over themselves. Lean in during the pause.

Having a coach to support you in that transitioning time from going into your old story and habitual patterns could be just the thing you have been wanting to help you take your career or life to the next level. Shoot me an email to set up a 15 minute consult.

You GOT this!! We believe in you!

Live from your Spirit, LOVE your life,