Working With Your ‘Emotional State Meter’

Namaste Sweet Friends,

I was recently on a call with my astrological coach, Eric Meyer, speaking about something that I was having a really hard time with. I was feeling a complete lack of control and insecure due to a certain circumstance in my life. He asked me, ‘How emotionally secure do you feel right now about that situation on a scale of 1-10?’ I responded, “ I feel I am about a 6". Which would be like getting a 60 on a test, a D. Being that I felt only 60%, I realized it was not the best time to take action. That one tool has ended up being huge for me, and one which I reference to frequently.

We are human, therefore that means within a day, we will experience a myriad of emotions. Some of those emotions will leave us feeling good, while others….not so good. We are also energy, therefore throughout the day we are constantly consciously or unconsciously taking others energy on. Add into the equation the holidays and a New Year. It only makes sense that at times in our lives, our 'emotional state meter' would be low.

If there are certain situations in my life where I don't feel 100% certain, I use this tool to gage myself. For example, if I want to call a friend with whom I am having some challenges with at the moment, and I am already feeling 'off' for whatever reason, I will gage myself. If I feel I am at a 4; insecure, bitter, tired, I will wait until I am at an 8 or higher. If I want to send a text to an ex-boyfriend to let them know I am thinking about them, I will wait again, until I am at an 8 or higher.

What does this set me up for? It sets me up to be less attached to an outcome. Can I send this text or make this phone call and feel good about my decisions to do so, regardless of their response? I have so often taken action and been devastated because it wasn't the result I wanted. Instead, with this tool, it is an opportunity to get grounded and even feel empowered about whatever decision I make.

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up on Working With Your ‘Emotional State Meter’

Home Play:

*What is an area of life you feel challenged in right now that deals with another person or people?

*On a scale of 1-10 (1 being totally insecure and 10 being super solid in where and who you are), where are you on your own personal emotional state meter?

*What number do you WANT to be at before you take action?

Give it a shot!! Practicing hitting the pause button to feel out where YOU are in any situation.

Offering space to pause and respond instead of react, is not something most of us were not taught, so it makes sense it would be difficult to do. If you are uncertain of how to even gage or feel that you are spinning too much to even consider this, shoot me an email to discuss how coaching might be a perfect way to get support around areas in your life you feel a little or a lot stuck.

Stepping into the New Year is a fantastic time to begin coaching. Once you have set your goals and desires for the New Year, a coach holds you accountable, offers steps along the way and can help you create the life you truly desire!!

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Live from your Spirit, Love your life,