Jealousy: The Green Monster

What price do we pay when we allow ourselves to go down the rabbit hole of jealousy?
’Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves.’ ~Muhammad

Jealousy is an interesting emotion, a very human emotion. I sometimes wonder how much of us are actually experiencing this emotion and then going through life reacting unconsciously from this place. Then, I wonder what repercussions we are experiencing from it.  

I used to believe that it was ‘bad’ to experience jealousy yet ok to experience envy. Let’s explore the two definitions: 

  • Jealousy: Resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc.
  • Envy: a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.

Hmmm… one does not seem ‘better’ than the other to me. You?  

I also get curious around how much time we are wasting and where we are NOT taking action because of our feelings of jealousy or envy.  It could be the perfect excuse for not moving forward in an area in life because we are afraid that we will never have what they have or be what they are.  Plus, making another person wrong in order to release our own catabolic and uncomfortable feelings is a great way to cope.  

So what is that costing us? Disconnection from our own selves and from the other person. It could even lead to a disconnect with other people because we become closed energetically. We also close off from the inflow of ‘good things’, since what is going out is more of a negative vibration. Within jealousy, we are essentially giving the universe the message that we are not worthy or we can’t have what the other person has. With the potential lack of action, there could be a stewing of that emotion, creating even more dissonant energy inside,  which could lead to dis-ease in the physical body. Ick!  

Take a moment to watch The Connection Coach Tune-Up on how I noticed my feelings of jealousy and decided that it wasn’t ‘cutting it’ on how I wanted to really show up in the world: 

Home Play:
*Yes, awareness is the first step, and so is honesty.  Begin to get honest with yourself as you witness the emotion of jealousy and when it may rear its head. 

*Get curious on what it is really triggering:  A childhood wound, a loss, a story of ‘I don’t deserve or I’m not good enough’.  Then practice really BEING with that part of you.  How can you show compassion to that old story or wound and show it that it isn’t true to who you are in present time?

*What’s your new story?  Allow this to be an opportunity to create a shift of perception about what is occurring.  How can you be joyful for that person, knowing that when you put that vibration/energy out, that is what will continue to come back to you?  Come up with a new story that will serve not only you, but potentially others.

Most of us don’t want to admit we are jealous. The reality is, we probably do experience this emotion more frequently than we care to admit. You are NOT alone. Again, we are human and this is normal. That said, we don’t have to become a victim of this catabolic emotion. We CAN shift it. Would you like support??  Lean in! We are here for you.  

We have many options for you to create more positive connections in your life:

You are SOOO worthy of living an extraordinary life! 

Create the connections you crave and expect great things,