Flowing With The Seasons

Hello Sweet Spirits,

We are knee deep in the fall, and this time often comes with bag of mixed emotions for many people. The food that is available this time of year is very grounding, leaving us feeling nurtured and comforted. There is a sense of creativity and joy, as we watch the leaves on the trees change to magnificent colors, and we are reminded of the natural beauties always available to us. Being that it is the holiday season, the common feelings of excitement, along with angst, linger in the air.  Frustration and loneliness may surface for those without significant others, or those who are without their family over the holidays.  For many, the colder days and less sunlight only exacerbate those catabolic feelings.

Seasons are such gifts for us to experience! We potentially have a lot to learn from this natural ebb and flow that occurs around us. In addition, when we become more aware of the seasons, we can allow for the organic expansion and contraction to occur within us.

For so long in my life, I used to fight the seasons. I would crank on my bike all summer long and then in winter, attempt to do the same in spin classes and feel totally blown out. I would go to hot yoga in the winter, feeling so nurtured and connected and then go in the summer, where I most often walked out feeling agitated, overheated, and with my stomach in knots. In the summer I would I would eat lots of raw foods and shakes, adapting the same diet in the fall and winter, again, noticing my belly was not happy with that program.

It wasn't until I started to study the seasons and paying attention to the signs my body was giving me as to what was leaving me feeling good and feeling not so good. In  the colder seasons, I discovered eating warm/cooked food, participating in a bit slower paced cardiovascular activities such as long hikes, resulted in me feeling more grounded, centered, and focused. In the summer, eating raw foods, participating in yoga classes with less people and without the added heat, I found that I was able to handle the heat of summer, and still maintain the grounded and centered feelings.

The summer time is outward, with longer days, and social activities. Foods that are available in the summer are lighter foods, where more salads and raw vegetable dishes are available.

In autumn, we begin to harvest root vegetables, the weather gets more brisk, and there is an organic slowing down begins to occur, as if Mother Nature is saying, "Come child, let's take a nap and rest our eyes for a bit."

The winter is colder, darker, and a perfect time for chili's, soups, and hot coca. Even most animals teach us to go inward, slow down, and pause as they hibernate. The winter is an opportune time to look inward at the things inside and around us that don't serve us.

Spring time invites us to awaken and step into the light with consciousness, as we create and begin to expand. There is a skip in our step as the days get lighter, and the world around us blossoms with possibilities.

I am grateful that I began to recognize the ways in which I pushed myself to achieve certain things, or ways of being that were not in resonance with the seasons. This strain on my adrenals and even my psyche, took me out of alignment with my essence. It almost always felt like a mini battle with myself, often stimulating negative internal judgment and criticism.

I feel that the different seasons offer us an opportunity to step out of our structured 'should' and 'need to' boxes, and into the dance of life. Becoming more aware of constructive ways to use this energy and tune into the wisdom of our bodies, we get in touch with our own rigid or restrictive belief systems, judgments, and explore new ways of being that will support us best in the moment that is in front of us. It is a moment to moment experience. The more we practice this, the more potential there is to feel connected with one’s self, more grounded, and empowered.

*What have been the most dominant feelings you have experienced this fall season? What activities have you craved? What food have you naturally craved?

*Have you allowed yourself to flow with whatever it is you are craving to do or to eat this season? If not, why?

*If you step back, you may remember the external is a reflection of the internal. In that, how can you allow yourself to be in the divine and organic unfoldment of this season? What are you ready to let go of as far as a 'have to or should' in your daily way of being, that will correspond with this season?

Feeling challenged through the changing of seasons?? You are not alone! This is SO natural and normal, especially because most of us were not taught this.

Send me an email with any comments, questions or concerns you may have and let me support you. Having support, especially through transition, is a great way to respect and nurture yourself.

May we honor who we are in the present time, respecting the lessons and wisdom of Mother Earth. She is here FOR us...may we remember that!

Live from your Spirit, Love our life,