It's Not My Movie

Namaste Sweet Spirits,

I have a friend who is going through a really rough patch in life, let's call her Sally.  This past weekend, I was speaking with another friend (Alice), about Sally. Alice is experiencing 'good times' right now. Her career is flowing, she is elated with her love life, she loves where she lives, she is traveling a lot for fun, she feels really good.  Alice mentioned that she feels bad whenever she speaks to Sally, because she doesn't want Sally to feel bad because things are going so well for her in life. She doesn't want to 'rub it in her face'. 

I found this interesting, and acknowledged the many times in my life I have done this, and also notice how often others do it.

Marianne Williamson loosely stated, "It is not arrogant to share our gifts and talents to the world, it is humble to. It is arrogant to withhold them." 

For us to lay claim to our gifts: our talents and our voice, we are honoring the Divine's plan for us.  It is not arrogant to do so.  It doesn't mean that we are better than anyone else, it just means that we are sharing our Truth with the world.  If we all believe that we are here for a Divine purpose, that we have something to share and to teach, we can potentially stop carrying the guilt or shame for shining.

If I am around someone who is sad or angry, and I jump into their movie, into their pity party or rage, how is that at all helping or raising the vibration of the situation?  I don't believe it is.  If I were to acknowledge and validate their very human feelings, and then honor where and who I am, even if that was a lifted state, how much more likely am I to support them and potentially help raise their vibration?  Two people in a miserable state, does not help to positively shift anything. If one is in an authentic lifted state, that creates more possibility for a positive shift between the two.  And if there isn't a shift in the other, the lifted person does not have to be at the effect of the other person's emotional state.  This is how we become emotionally healthy, also called exercising healthy boundaries.


*Where and when in your life do you notice you pull back from shining too big or downplay when things are going awesome in life?  Or when do you notice you 'jump into the other person's movie', so they can feel a connection?

*What meaning are you giving shining brightly? (Example-If I shine brightly, I am going to over-shadow someone and they will feel bad)

*What has it costed you to hold back from allowing yourself to be happy and joyous around others?

Continue to watch yourself and how often this comes up.  In coaching, when I ask clients to start becoming conscious of this, they see it show up significantly more than they had originally thought. 

Many of us were taught to 'tone it down' and this has become a conditioned and deep pattern in our lives.  The first step is awareness, so let's all start paying attention. 

If you find you are really struggling with shifting this pattern, you are not alone!  Contact us about coaching to support you around this or join us for one of our fantastic intensives where we dive deep into discovering your Truth and your essence so you can shine brightly with ease.

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Live from your Spirit, love your life!