An Invitation to BREAKTHROUGH!

Hello Sweet Friend,

If we look at the areas in life which we perceive are ’not working’, when we get honest, we see that WE are the common denominator. These are not areas where we are BAD, they are where we are wounded. Hence the reason it is necessary to have a tremendous amount of self compassion while we are on this human journey, as well commitment to a path where we look beyond the illusions. (Ahhh yes, compassion… something many of us were not modeled).

We are all so conditioned by fear and have been trained to go toward fear instead of love. As Marianne Williamson says, ‘Enlightenment is a retraining’. Yet, do we allow ourselves the time to retrain?  

It is so important to have a path, something consistent in our lives guiding us to stay on the track of love instead of fear.

The caveat? You actually have to DO the steps! THAT is one of the reasons I LOVE being a coach!!   

We are not in this alone and we don’t have to be. We don’t need someone else’s opinions or judgement of where we have come from or who we are. Instead, what if we had someone or some consistent tool supporting us in recognizing we are not our past traumas or abuses, we are so much more!  

Consider taking the dive with me and join me September 19th and 20th for a weekend immersion: Breakthrough To Power and Freedom

As a coach and in my own life, again and again, I have seen the most lasting and extraordinary results with immersions. When you give yourself permission and TIME to really BE with you, away from your every day life, there is more opportunity for lasting results.  And you, my friend,  deserve to live a thriving life.

I wish to support you in living consciously and choosing a loving connection with YOU!  When we establish a healthy and loving connection with ourselves, we inevitably have healthier, more incredible connections with other people and things in our lives.  

JOIN ME. For if not now… when?!


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With deep love and respect,