Using Astrology As A Permission Slip

'If you want to become a diamond you must withstand much pressure. If you want to turn base metal (ego) into gold (Higher Self) you must submit to the fire.’ DIVINE HARMONY

I am not an astrologer, I have just been intrigued by the study since I was 15. I have always had an intuitive draw to the stars, where it felt more like home to me than my physical home. There was a sensation of peace, ease, acceptance and love that I would feel, and still feel, as I lay down and allow myself to take in the brilliance and wisdom above me. I feel as if I am being guided, as the glorious lights above me shine down, reminding me of my own divinity.
I frequently post astrological details on my Facebook page and people wonder if I am an astrologer. As I wrote above, I am not, yet I have phenomenal resources I turn to on a daily basis such as Swati Jr Jyotish, Eric Meyers, Mark Husson, The Power Path. I choose to check in with what is occurring astrologically because of the immense effect it has on each and everyone of us. For me, this is an inner knowing, a deep Trust with a capital T, which I can’t entirely explain. Yes, science exists to back it up. If you are hesitant or cynical about astrology, I highly recommend reaching out to one of the above experts so they can explain to you the realities of the science.  
My chosen belief also has to do with my own personal experiences.  For a significant time in my life, I experienced a period of feeling extremely inward. I went to an astrologer and she explained to me that my progressive moon was in scorpio and without letting her know anything, she asked, ‘Are you feeling more inward, where you don’t really want to speak with anyone or be around people?’  My jaw literally dropped. I had just gone to a dinner the night before with about 15 people and I said to my friend next to me, 'I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, but I just don’t want to be around people right now.’  This, coming from me, an extremely external, people oriented woman, wasn’t my norm.  

This phase lasted for about 2 years. Having this ‘permission slip’ from the current astrology was an opportunity for me to shift my perspective from, ’something is wrong’ to, ‘I am learning a new way of being.’  In this new understanding, I began to invite more balance into my life, which resulted in not getting so burnt out, as I did always showing up so externally. That shift that occurred for me 5 years ago was one of the best things that could have happened. As I continued to grow in my profession, it was imperative I learned to be more still and to go inward, while cultivating relationships that were more authentic, truly understanding quality over quantity.
So why am I sharing all of this?
We are in-between 2 eclipses, we are transitioning into fall, there is a mercury retrograde about to occur this week, as well as a number of other fascinating things occurring astrologically. Here are just a few things to speak to because for some, you may be feeling stuff BIG TIME and I want to remind you-are not alone, you are so supported, you are guided, and you are being asked to step your life up and raise the bar in a way you never have before.
With this solar eclipse that just occurred, it is an offering to heal potential lifetimes of patterns, which have become barriers to our Spirit’s evolution. If you feel as stuff is going down that is super painful or intense, it makes sense. This occurring energy is the kind that may bring you to your knees. This is when we often want to check out, so it is imperative to be conscious in the ways in which we deal with these uncomfortable feelings, and instead choose positive strategies.
You are being called to meet yourself with courage, deep compassion and trust. As we reveal our ’shadow side’-the parts that have been wounded and made wrong for so long-and practice loving them and recognizing we are NOT these wounds and we are still lovable with these aspects of ourselves, there is a potential massive shift that can occur. Right now, we have an opportunity to show up differently and heal these parts of us so we can move down the path of our Spirit’s evolution toward more joy, abundance, or whatever it is we desire in this lifetime. In this potent time, you are being asked to generate radical change internally, so you can experience a fulfilling life externally.

“The potential for karmic completion on a massive level and moving into a new frequency and dimension of evolution in your life is there and yet it is like a seed you have to choose to plant and water with intention and conscious action to make this portal of time work for you.This time right now is so huge and we all have this opportunity to make major evolutionary shifts that will catapult us to a whole new level.  The seed potential of this Eclipse is massive- and yet it is up to each of us to choose our destiny and the journey we will each individually navigate to get there.’ Divine Harmony
So what now?
For ALL of us, it is time to do some inner work and what that looks like will be a bit different for each of us. 
Take a moment to watch The Connection Coach Tune-Up and hear about how I was brought down to my knees and continue to navigate through the uncomfortable feelings, healing deep old wounds.

Home Play:
Here are some questions for self-inquiry as an invitation to get really honest with yourself.  Consider taking time to contemplate each and perhaps even writing them out:
1. What, internally and externally, can you relinquish? This may manifest as judgement, gripping onto how you feel things ’should’ be, certain habits that you know aren’t good for you.
2. How is your relationship with yourself? Where is it weak? Where is it strong?
3. Where are you deflecting compassion for yourself and for others in your life?  Are you aware of when you do it and why? 
4. Lastly, what do you really want to grow in your life in each of these areas? Allow yourself to dream big. (It’s SO important to stay focused on what you DO want)
This time is happening for us… NO DOUBT!  If you are feeling all of this… GOOD! That means you are ready to do the work and to expand in a way you have never expanded before.  Drop in, breathe, take one step at a time, and commit to you. You got this!
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