Is Life Happening For You Or To You?

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? You know because this is the experience you are having at this present moment.

Transitions are inevitable, can be challenging, and may happen in many forms, big or small.  Some relatable examples are: Starting school, a new job, leaving a job, the kids beginning a new school year, having a baby, starting a new relationship, ending a relationship, moving, aging… just to name a few. There is also constant natural change that comes with the seasons.

Our first chakra, (energy center), represents foundation, our ability to feel safe and secure in the world, as well as our fight or flight response.  When we are in transition, we can often get triggered and experience feelings such as feeling unsafe, abandonment, fear, anxiety, and worry about the future. How big the trigger is, how internally strong we feel at the moment, our history, and our relationship with change, all play a part in how we respond to transition.

What I have found from my personal experience as well as in working with my clients, is the more aware we are, the more confident and trusting we are during transition.  This does not mean we will not experience catabolic emotions such as overwhelm, fear, worry, anxiety, and so on, it means there is potentially an underlying tone of more ease as we move through it.

What are some things that can create more stability as our boat gets rocked? 

Take a moment to watch The Connection Coach Tune Up and learn about some steps you can take to support yourself during transition.

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1. Consider checking out this list and rating each one on a scale of one to ten as you look back at the most recent transitioning time in your life:

- The people around you who supported you
- You consciously chose activities to help you connect with yourself (yoga, going out in nature, meditation, etc)
- You used positive affirmations throughout it (example-The universe supports me and meets my needs)
- You remembered to consciously breathe
- You allowed yourself to move the energy through you by either speaking to someone or journaling
- You swirled in the emotions of doubt, distrust, anxiety, worry, and depression
- You felt so stuck, with such little control, you found you were almost paralyzed, taking little to no action
- You lived in blame of someone or something that ‘did this to you’
- You trusted the process 

2. Take a deep breath.  (Seriously, I HIGHLY recommend this) 

Awareness is the first step. When we become conscious of our habits and tendencies, which were probably ways in which we learned to ’survive’ the experience at one point in our life, we have the upper hand. In taking a deep breath with an intentional exhale, it offers us the opportunity to deliberately place our attention toward releasing feelings such as tension, stress, anger and even worry. We can also use it as a tool to bring us into the present moment. 

3. Ask yourself, ‘Is the way in which I am moving through this transition serving me or not?’

If you find it is not, meaning causing more catabolic emotion, ask yourself, ’How would I rather respond?  What would that take? What would that look like?’

From here, think about a time in your life when you did respond in a way where there was a sense of trust as you went through the process.  

If you can remember a time, take a moment to sit and visualize that time, allowing yourself to feel the sensation of confidence, ease and whatever other anabolic (positive) feelings you felt. If you can’t remember a time, think back to a time where there was significant transition and imagine that you went through the transition doing things that supported you, leaving you with more anabolic emotions.  (Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what happened and what is imagined—this can be a very powerful tool.)  

It makes sense if you feel you want support around this.  Most often, these are the moments when we are so ‘in our stuff’ that we aren’t aware of our habitual tendencies that are not only not supporting us, they may actually be causing harm. LEAN IN!  Having a coach is a fantastic way to cultivate strength, ease and confidence during these time.  Email me at to set up a 15 minute consult.

I am a huge believer in immersions, where we take ourselves out of our everyday lives and dive deep in order to create the changes we wish to see.  

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You are so worthy of a thriving life and I support you fully in creating a healthy connection with yourself as you move through the ebbs and flows through life!

With deep respect,