What is Your Core Essence?


For so many decades now, many women, or people who identify with a feminine, have been operating from more masculine energy. This shows up as more logical, action oriented, and the ‘doer’ mentality. Within relation to men (or people with a more masculine core), this leaves them not knowing their footing. In response to overly excessive masculine energy in a woman, one of two things occurs: Men either responsively show up as passive, with little to no action, or as competitive.   

A key ingredient for a successful and balanced relationship is to have polarity between the two. So if one is showing up masculine and the other is as well, eventually this will cause so much friction that it would cause deep-rooted issues over time. Or, if both are showing up as feminine, passion can begin to dissipate.  

As a coach and a woman, I have witnessed so many women, including myself, who have operated from the more masculine stance in ALL areas of life, left feeling exhausted, frustrated, and even physically sick.  However, what do you do when this is what you have been exposed to by other women throughout your entire life? Just to note, these women were not wrong, it was all they knew because it was what THEY were taught.  

This is not a time to blame or to take the victim stance. This is a time to lean in and be receptive to what the healthy feminine is.  I believe that honoring and nurturing the core essence of who you are, be it masculine or feminine, is what can support this planet in healing, as it will bring the energies into more balance, more harmony.

The time of competing with one another as women is over. The time of over pushing, over doing, over achieving in ALL areas of your life is not working anymore. 

Masculine and Feminine energies exist in all of us, and we have one that is at our core, the essence of who we are.  My core is feminine, and I have used a masculine mask for many years of my life unconsciously as a survival mechanism.  For a few years now, I have been committed to feeling out the feminine energy, embracing and embodying it. This is not a list to check off or a black and white way of being, but a moment-to -moment experience.  There is a surrendering that is necessary, a softening, and when you have existed on a spectrum of the opposite for so long, surrendering and softening aren’t necessarily in your vocabulary. 

Therefore, what we get to practice is leaning in.  Leaning into the support of our sisters and brothers to discover and uncover our own glorious Divine self and live from that place.  Coming together in community to honor and draw out that magnetic, sensual and creative energy is one of the keys in unleashing the Queen that has been dormant inside of many of us. This is my passion and so much of why I am here in this lifetime.  

Whether you are a man or a woman, I support you in honoring the core essence of your feminine Truth, and unabashedly allowing it to shine in the world. 

With love and deep respect,