What if the Universe had its pants on straight?

Hi Sweet Friend!

There is something so magical about what manifests when you put out into the world what it is that which you desire. I believe in that particular moment, we are asked to cultivate certain things like trust, fluidity, accepting not knowing, patience, compassion, endurance, softness, and a sense of humor. We are also very much invited to step outside of any previous conceived notions that things will occur in a certain way or order. We only know what we know…right? So if we are wishing to bring in something that we haven’t yet experienced, it would only make sense it comes in a different way than the way in which we would expect.  

Just to be clear, things showing up differently than how we expect them to, can mean it’s an opportunity to sit with feelings that don’t feel good, but also to navigate through territory we have not yet explored. I know within my own life, as well as with my clients, the ‘oh, shit!’ meter frequently goes on, we instinctually react, which is very normal.

Think about it: Essentially we have just asked for our bar to be raised in a certain area of our life.  In order for that to occur, it often means we will need to look at certain people, behaviors, and things in our lives to discern if they are serving us and our future, or if they’re holding us back. This can be awfully scary because it may mean letting go of these things that we have relied on, and they may not be part of this next chapter.  To me, this is the universe’s way of saying: “I hear you, are you sure you want this?”

If you do, you will have to create space in order to allow this new thing, person, or pattern into your life.

I recently experienced this in my career. I expressed to the universe that I was ready to take certain aspects of my career to ’the next level.’  I put out some ideas…Ok actually, I put out a shit ton of ideas because that is how I usually operate…just saying.

Simultaneously I asked, ‘May your will be done.’ Meaning, whatever will serve the evolution of my Spirit and this human path in this lifetime, that will be for my Highest good and the greater good. 

What happened?  Well, certain parts of my career started to feel as if they were falling apart at the seams.  Certain people and things started to fall away, I hit a creative wall, and my body started to speak to me in certain ways, where it felt challenging to show up in certain ways. Was there judgement?  You bet!! I started to ask myself limiting questions: Why is this all happening? How can this be happening? I wanted to do what I had done in the past: push, force, do MORE, scramble.  Yet there was this greater part of me that took the reigns. It reminded me to breathe, to put my focus and attention on all that WAS working and flowing so beautifully, the incredible people who were showing up for me in ways I had never really experienced or allowed in before.  I was able to cultivate a deeper sense of trust that it was all happening FOR me.

I began to ask quality questions instead of limiting ones: What if this down time were happening in order for me to prepare for what’s ahead? What if it were happening for me in order to nurture and nourish a new way of being to sustain what is coming? What if it were asking me to BE with all that WAS in the moment and take it in fully? What if this were divinely orchestrated in order for me to resonate at a different frequency, where those the things I wished for resonated?  

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Home Play:

*Take a moment to sit with areas of your life that you perceive aren’t working.  Take note. Was there a time you put out there in some way that you wanted something different?

*If you are perceiving the situation as unfolding as if life is happening TO you, or you feel are now 3 steps behind, consider asking yourself some more quality questions that will support you in moving forward instead of getting back in the same ‘critical mind spiral’.  (Look at the questions I asked to myself above to assist you)

*We all need to experience both certainty (familiarity, security) in life, AND uncertainty (variety, change).  That said, in this time of uncertainty, change and trying on a new way of being, what are you doing to create certainty that is a positive vehicle (something that is good for you, serves you and others)?  For me, strengthening TRUST is my go-to for certainty. TRUST reminds me that the universe has it’s pants on straight. 

Comment below, you are not alone! I would LOVE to hear from you.  Lean in for coaching if you want support in taking your life to the next level: valerie@vdacoaching.com 

With deep and delicious love and respect on this human journey,