Are You Addicted to Knowing the How?

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I notice, when we are more left brain oriented, or more logical, there is the deep need to know HOW things are going to unfold. I recently was with a client, and he, like many many other people in the world, LOVES and desires to know how to make something happen. In adding, he is a man. Males often search for solutions. When they hear or see something they want to know the point of it AND to fully understand it. They may ask, ’How do I fix it, change it, do it, etc’. These are problem solving qualities.

When he and I were speaking, I started to get curious about a certain pattern that may be causing suffering, and obstructing him from experiencing ultimate joy and ease.  A light bulb went off when he saw this pattern and got so excited about shifting it.  ‘HOW?!  How do I do this?!!’  His enthusiasm was infectious and it was a joy to witness his breakthrough in that moment.

Can anything manifest in an instant? Yes, no doubt. I would never want to limit you with something invented by humans, known as time, saying that it will take you X amount of time in order to do, be, or get something. That stated, in order to experience a shift and knowing of something, we must fully embody it. This means we must fully trust and accept all that is possible.  When we get stuck on the how, this puts ourselves in the way of fully embracing the possibilities.

Can you relate? Know someone who can? Feeling stuck here?  Take just a moment to watch this short clip on how I navigated this with my client and he started to understand that we are not always in charge of the how.

Home Play:
*Consider becoming aware of how important it is for you to want to quickly know HOW to change, shift, or be something.

*If you discovered that you have a strong desire to know the HOW and know it NOW, ask yourself these few questions:

       **What if I wasn’t in charge of the how?
       **What if the answer was to be revealed to me in its own time, space and sequence?
       **What if there was no place to get, no end destination??
       **On a scale of 1-10, how important is getting it ‘right’, to you?

I know, this is heavy stuff.  The first step is awareness. Once you become aware of your pattern or even addiction to knowing the how, you can see how it MAY be getting in the way of manifesting what it is you TRULY desire.

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