Are your rules around health manifesting DIS-ease?

Health and vitality is one of my top values in life. I prioritize this because when I am healthy, I am capable of serving more: Serving Spirit, my family, friends, my clients, and anyone I come into contact more.  I recently discovered I had a SHIT TON of rules in order to achieve what I consider optimal health.  I had to eat a certain way each day, AND I had to exercise most days for at least 30 minutes, AND I had to meditate each day, AND eat organic, AND drink clean water, AND I had to practice yoga at least twice a week, AND I had to feel and look a certain way.  Notice I had the word AND between each. It wasn’t either/or, it was that they ALL had to line up. Wow… So, are you exhausted??  I sure am…

So basically, if I strayed at all, I was shit out of luck.  What incredible pressure.  Not to mention that stress and anxiety are much more taxing on our bodies than any food or water we put in our bodies.  What have these rules been costing me?  Yep, you guessed it….my vibrant health!  Ironic, huh?

I took some time recreate some new rules, ones that can will support me in feeling healthy quickly and that are easily accessible.  Check this brief video out to see how:

Home Play:
* What are your rules around creating health?  What does it take for you to experience feeling healthy?

*How many of those rules are external?  How many of them are incumbent upon someone or something else in order for you to experience health?

*If you discovered your rules aren’t fully serving you, what are some new ones you can establish that ARE in your control (internal)?  Consider creating a few using OR between each, so they ALL don’t HAVE to be in place in order to feel your best!

We are recreating new cells in our bodies constantly.  We can become healthier in every moment, or become sicker in each moment.  Best part? We have a choice! If one of your New Year Resolutions’ is to be healthier, consider getting some support, someone to hold you accountable.  Reach out to discover how we can support you at VDA Coaching!!  

To your health,