What Are Your Beliefs Around Money?


Namaste Sweet Friends,

Here’s the ’nutshell story’ of my childhood around money. My parents were divorced when I was 2, my mother raised my sister and I full time. At the young age of 22, she did whatever it took to provide for us, where at one point she had up to three jobs. She chose to raise us in Larchmont, NY, one of the most affluent towns in Westchester County, so we could have a fantastic education.

I was grateful to be raised in such a diverse and wealthy area. I had the opportunity to experience some of the most phenomenal things in my youth, such as ballroom dancing, yacht clubs, school trips to The Met, Guggenheim, Statue of Liberty, and Broadway musicals.

It was also challenging because I was different than many of the other kids. I wasn’t able to buy the expensive and hip clothing, go to sleep away camp, or attend certain functions. What I did learn was not to be afraid of money. I learned that no matter how much money you had, you could still be miserable. I watched families who were perceived to ‘have it all’, had just as much hardship emotionally within their family unit as we did in our little 700 square foot apartment.

My mother was never educated around money, and in school, they didn’t educate us around the basic needs of being an adult and working with money. This led me to go through life with different and very limiting beliefs around money. 

I recently returned from Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Program and I decided that I was not going to do what I have always done around this topic; disengage (which actually wasn’t entirely apparent to me until this event). I realized that beliefs such as, ‘I’m just not good with money. That’s not my thing. Money just comes to me’, were not going to cut it anymore. I peeled back even deeper layers and realized there were bigger beliefs buried; ‘I’m not capable of great financial success. Financial abundance is for ’them’ not people like me’.

You see, showing up in the world as a confident woman, speaker, teacher, and friend, are areas in life in which I committed to. I made a decision years ago to put focus, attention, and time to those things. As a result, I feel confident and successful in those areas. When I began to get honest with myself around issues of money that I hadn’t put time, attention and focus into, my ‘child like’ mentality didn’t align with the who I am in present time.

If I want to shine as big in the world as I do and know I am capable of, playing small and naive in the area of money would only actually get in the way of that goal. That small energy would compete with the stronger energy, and basically take up time, space and energy, keeping exactly what I DO desire further at bay.

Take a moment to watch your OT Coaching Tune-Up and hear how I shifted my perspective around learning about money and how I am now creating a new, more empowering story.

Home Play:

*Become Aware: Consider writing out how you feel, respond, and react around money. What are your beliefs? What is your story about money?

*What are those discoveries above costing you? (Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, energetically, within relationships, etc.)

*In what areas of your life DO you experience feelings of abundance already? Recognizing that is a huge step in healing the parts of us that we perceive as broken or lacking.

*Knowing your WHY of wanting to shift something is potential game changer, and your why has got to be big enough. So go big… WHY do you want to change this story? What will you gain? What pleasure will you experience?

Money is an area that for many people, due to our upbringings, cultural, gender and social views can be pretty skewed. Feeling nervous, scared, even stuck around this area makes so much sense, and you are not alone.

If you are looking for support around money and want a referral of someone to coach you, reach out. I have a handful of competent and fantastic coaches to suggest. 

If you are wanting to work on knowing your worth, your value and increase your ability to receive abundance, reach out to me to set up a 15 minute consult. You don’t have to do this alone. Know that. 

You got this and you deserve to live an abundant life!

Live from your Spirit, love your life,