Design Your Destiny Online Course

2019 Dates TBD

It begins with a desire for change

Often people blindly repeat the same old patterns, even though they want change. You don’t know what you don’t know, and this keeps people stuck.

The DESIGN YOUR DESTINY online course is a four-month intensive for individuals who have been suffering, unhappy, disappointed or unfulfilled in one or more areas of their life.  People who want to learn how to commit fully to a life of greater ease, joy, health, and abundance.    

DYD is designed to get results and help individuals change patterns so they can be more successful in life and have better skills to create a happier & miraculous future.

What’s the problem? 

The OOOS, “Operating On Old Software”


The “Operating On Old Software” pattern is a toxic and predictable pattern where our energy oozes, or ‘oooses’ out by repeating unhealthy, habitual thoughts and beliefs, initiating actions and results, which cause a tremendous amount of loss and pain. 

  1. Strong Start: You become aware of your unhealthy patterns or areas of life where you sabotage, and commit to doing something different.

  2. The Dip: Life happens and you begin to feel overloaded, overwhelmed and even defeated. Relationships start to breakdown, you begin to gain weight, your finances start diminish, any or all of the above become background noise, weighing you down incessantly, as you move through your days.

  3. Swim Upstream: You begin to blame others, yourself or circumstances around you, justifying why you can’t follow through and stress increases.

  4. Get Help (maybe): For some reason, many people wait until it’s too late, then scramble for personal growth courses and coaches in the eleventh hour. At this point, the original problem, and even other issues, create greater suffering; health, career, intimate relationship, finances.

  5. Amnesia: Eventually there comes a flow period, where you feel a moment of relief, you forget how bad it was and imagine that things have somehow fixed themselves. Therefore, proactive changes rarely happen.

  6. Rinse & repeat: The inevitable ebb or contraction in life comes in, leaving you feeling as you were before or even worse. More and more doors of future possibilities close, often resulting in loss of something.

This pattern is not a game, it has a serious impact on quality of life

Why does “OOOS” happen?

Three MAIN reasons:

  1. Individuals who operate from their old computer system; beliefs, behaviors and patterns they bought and sold to themselves at some point in their life.

  2. People who struggle with deep core wounds of not being enough or worthy of love, are notoriously unrealistic about the amount of time and energy it takes to navigate inner peace.

  3. Individuals who don’t have the right tools & systems in place, and if they do, they don’t use them. This leaves them endlessly struggling, overwhelmed with self blame and shame.

What’s the solution?

During the DYD online course, I take you step-by-step through the entire process I use for myself, to implement the key systems and mindsets needed to turn this cycle around.

No ambiguity or confusion, you will know exactly what you need to succeed and how to follow through

  • I will teach you my specific methods to create a strong foundation for success in all areas of your life.

  • These are skills you can use and refine throughout your life.

  • In fact, these are critical life skills you can forever use

This program is to support struggling individuals who need and want guidance with profoundly impactful tools so they can navigate more successfully and therefore design a life they truly desire. 

I’ve spent the past two-plus decades coaching and have discovered a robust program such as DYD, is the best way I know of to help my clients make game changing habits.



What are the benefits?

  • Transform any area of your life where you feel stuck, disconnected, unmotivated, or uninspired.

  • Unwire limiting beliefs and blocked behaviors.

  • Learn to praise yourself and live with phenomenal self-belief.

  • Acquire healthy habits that positively affect all areas of your life

  • Clarify your values and live by them with unwavering confidence.

  • Transform your relationships and maintain healthy boundaries.

  • Unabashedly celebrate and honor your voice.

  • Profoundly impact others with your high-vibration

  • Live with unyielding self-love, compassion and acceptance.

  • Uncover and ignite your personal Super Powers

  • Increase your pleasure muscles and participate fully in life

  • Connect deeply with the powers of Spirit and your intuition.

  • Feel less stress and have more fun in your life

  • Learn how to healthily manage overwhelming emotions and resistance.

  • You are not alone: Work together with ‘Believing Eyes’, and learn from one another.

  • Establish healthy communication skills.

  • Emanate confidence as you move through life.

  • Create your life with purpose and give yourself full permission to invite in unlimited possibilities.

  • Discover greater discernment in following your Truth.


Critical Note: 

DYD is not for people seeking a quick fix or a magic bullet

The reality is these blocks have been built over 20, 30, even 40 years for many of us. This course will help move the needle quite a bit and is designed to get you on a trajectory of extraordinary self-love and honor, where living a life of self respect and self-care is a non-negotiable. 

Who is DYD for? 

Individuals who experience one or more of the following…

  • Feel stuck and uncertain as to what they need in order to move forward.

  • Unfulfilled, yet can’t put their finger on what will make them happier.

  • Desire change of a habit or behavior that they know isn’t useful.

  • Increase their positive impact across different areas of their life and others, yet find old negative habits pull them down.

  • Crave greater confidence in themselves.

  • Desire clarity as to what direction serves them best in life.

  • Lack balance between over-doing and find it challenging to relax and Be.

  • Avoid conflict and are so afraid of disappointing others, they often dismiss their own needs.

  • Lack Motivation and find they start things and don’t follow through on their own.

  • Desire the mindset to make change and will do whatever it takes.

  • Feel fear and jump anyway

  • Aspire to 'put themselves out there' more in their community and the world

  • Yearn to express greater vulnerability of themselves, as that has been a struggle for them

Who DYD is NOT for?

To be clear, this may not help you at all. I’ve had the benefit of working with many clients over my 20-plus year career and have learned to address the nuances that get results.

The average person who buys a program does not apply what they learn, and I like to help people who are willing and able to take action to get results. This is not a quick fix – if that’s what you’re hoping for, please do not enroll in this program.

  • Magic bullets – This program isn’t for you if you’re looking for cheap, quick and easy. There are no magic bullets. Change takes time, effort and the right approach.

  • Investment – Your results will vary depending on your investment of time, persistence, study and application.

  • Effort – If you can’t or won’t put in the effort, this is not worth your money.

  • Willingness – You’ll have to be willing to show up, pay attention, practice what you learn on each live call, in each coaching session, listen to your audios and do your ‘Home Play’. I will support you with any resistance throughout the entire course.

What’s included?

  1. A proven system that gets results when applied. These tools are precisely the tools I have successfully used for myself and have taught my clients over many years. As much some information is esoteric, there is a lot of information which is extremely practical.

  2. Two individual coaching sessions a month each lasting one hour for premier members. All sessions are recorded for you to reflect on.

  3. Notes and action steps specifically designed for you from your private coaching session.

  4. One individual coaching session post course for maintenance for premier members only.

  5. Five months of coaching for premier members.

  6. Two 'Lifelines' a week available for premier members, lasting up to ten minutes each.

  7. Recorded guided meditations.

  8. 90-Minute Live Masterclasses, led with a lecture covering specific themes and tools, space for questions, comments, and insights from all attendees.

  9. Printable PDF with notes and ‘Home Play’ (action steps) for each Masterclass.

  10. All live Masterclass calls are recorded for those unable to attend live or can be used for everyone to re-listen to.

  11. If unable to attend call, you have the opportunity to send any questions prior to the session to be covered in the call.

  12. A member of the DYD Facebook tribe to stay connected, have believing eyes who are on similar paths, and where you can be held accountable for using the tools daily.



How does it work?

After you have filled out the questionnaire and been accepted into the program, you will receive a welcome email from me with the Zoom video conference information for the Masterclass and how to download, if you don’t already have it. If you aren’t able to join on the video, you will also have the option join by phone. 

You will be requested to send out options between specific dates for our first two individual coaching sessions so we can lock those in right away.  Dates and times are first come first serve. Once I send you a calendar invite, it will sync with your calendar and will have a conference number attached to it.  

Prior to each live call, you will be sent the PDF to follow along with.  


  • How much time is needed? Roughly 8-10 hours minimal a month, covering classes/coaching sessions/home play. I recommend you go at your own pace, and taking action daily. Again, this is not a quick fix – that doesn’t work. Yet it is reasonable, so don’t worry! Of course, the time and attention you put into it is what you get out of it.
    Want to play full-out?: (Estimated 5- 7 hours a week) This will entail listening to the recorded Mastercall at least once, taking some time (between 1 and 2 hours) on your Home Play, staying connected on the FB tribe page regularly, creating a morning and evening ritual, having a weekly call with your accountability partner, and watching or reading any additional resources I, or others from the tribe send to you.

  • What if I like it so much and want to share it with my partner? I have no problem with you sharing it, that said, please do not share the audios or information with anyone out of your immediate family. If you decide to do the course together, you get the additional discount.


  • Will I be able to download lessons? Yes, you will get a link after the call which you can download directly to your computer and it’s yours to keep.


  • What if I’m not technologically savvy? Don’t worry, I’ll make it clear, step by step. I suggest, if you don’t have one already, creating a FB page, even if it is through an alias.


  • Is it worth it? Absolutely. If this robust program helps you a transform life positively, it’s a no-brainer. I have been individuals turn their life around for a long time, and I know what works and what doesn’t. Good coaching is $150-$200/hour per session. I designed this to be a game changer. Also consider comparing it to other things you spent money on – therapists , neuropsych evals, programs, etc.


  • What if I have other questions? Contact Valerie


  • How do we start? If you are interested in being a part of the twelve people for the Premier Course, click on the application form, take your time filling it out and be as honest with yourself and me as you can. Make sure you have read through this page carefully.
    -Once you filled out the application, you will receive an email from me within 48 hours on whether or not you have been accepted. If accepted to, you will receive a getting started email for you and I to set up first a 15 minute call to discuss the course further, and answer any questions you may have.
    -From that point, I will send you a more detailed email with deeper questions for you to to answer. I have discovered, once you say yes to you, the universe starts to open. Therefore, the questions I send to you are in order for you to gain greater clarity and promote internal inquiry, so you can get the most of this course. Essentially, the course actually 'begins' from the moment you proclaim your yes to the universe and fill out the application!

  • Once you complete the questions on the email, we and I will have a 30 minute call (or meet in person if you are local) to get the process started.


  • What if I want more personal connection with other attendees? For those of you who are local in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, my assistant will be hosting the Master Classes twice a month in person, in order to bring community together more. Additionally, we can do our one-on-one's in person. That said, for those of you out of town, we have the option of either creating a screen share with the Steamboat group, for you to be a bit more 'physically' a part of it, or you can of course host your own in person Master Class with those who joined in your location. Please note: it is not required to meet in person.


  • What are the call dates and times?





  • How do we pay? You can pay via credit card using venmo or paypal or through a check. I will send you all of the pertinent information, along with an invoice for tax purposes.


  • Guarantee: There’s no risk. If this isn’t for you, email me within 60 days. I’ll refund you 100%. No catch. I’ll ask for feedback and will refund you either way. My hope is that you’ll apply what I teach and you begin to experience tremendous and powerful changes in your life.

Choose from 2 Programs

(1) Independent Study Program

  • Two live Masterclasses a month for four months (If a local of Steamboat, option of in person)

  • Receive downloadable support PDFs for each Masterclass.

  • ‘Home Play’ (action steps) to implement into your life regarding the discussed monthly topic

  • Recording of each Masterclass, yours for a lifetime

  • Downloadable guided meditations

  • A member to the DYD Facebook tribe

  • Discounted coaching sessions available throughout the program to add on


 *Early bird*

Value: $1,200

YOUR PRICE paid In Full: Only $649 (46% discount)

Payment Option: $199/month (34% discount)

*Post early bird pricing*

In Full: Only $949 /in full (21% discount)

Payment Option: $249/month (38% discount)


(2) Premium Group Membership

(Option ONLY available to 12 people)

  • Five months of coaching (If a local of Steamboat, option of in person)

  • Two individual, recorded coaching sessions a month each lasting one hour

  • One individual, recorded coaching session post course for maintenance

  • Notes and action steps sent proceeding your private coaching sessions

  • Two 'Lifelines' a week

  • Downloadable guided meditations

  • Two live Masterclasses a month, recorded for lifetime use (If a local of Steamboat, option of in person)

  • Receive downloadable support PDFs pertaining to the topic of each Masterclass

  • ‘Home Play’ (action steps) to implement into your life regarding the discussed topic

  • Recording of each Masterclass to have for a lifetime

  • The opportunity to send any questions prior to the session to be covered in the call

  • A member of the DYD Facebook tribe

  • Premier membership offers you discounted coaching sessions for one year


 *Early bird*

Value: $3,600

YOUR PRICE paid In Full: Only $2,199 (39% discount) 

Payment Option: Only $599/monthly payments (33% discount) 

*Sign up with a buddy and receive an additional $150 off. Only available when paid in full*

*Post early bird pricing*

YOUR PRICE paid In Full: Only $2,599 (28% discount)

Payment Option: Only $719/monthly (20% discount)

*Sign up with a buddy and receive an additional $150 off. Only available when paid in full*

Is this right for you?

It comes down to 3 important questions:

  1. Honesty: Are you willing to be honest with YOURSELF about the need for change? YES or NO

  2. Desire for change: Do you want to change unhealthy patterns in your life? YES or NO

  3. Willing to do the work: Are you willing to apply the tools in order to up-level your life ? YES or NO

If you can be honest with yourself about your challenges and need for help, if you want it, and if you’re willing to work for it, you’re probably ready.

Now what do you want to do?

Since I am only opening the course to 12 people, I want to make sure it is a good fit.  It's important not only that our energies match, also that you are truly up for playing big to take your life to the next level. Click on apply below, fill out the information, and I will send you contact you for our 30 minute call. 


Want more information?


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