Let The Queen In You Soar

A Course Designed To Support You In Living In Your Divine Radiant Essence


“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the ability to create, nurture, and transform.”

-Diane Mariechild

Dear Sister Queen, 

This is an invitation to your Divine YOU

  • Feel exhausted from being the ‘doer’ in all areas of your life?
  • Desire to connect with your sensual and feminine self, yet have no idea how?
  • Discover your tank is frequently empty and you feel alone in trying to refuel?
  • Want so badly to receive more support in life, yet are terrified to relinquish control?
  • Crave deeper intimacy, yet feel uncertain and scared about what that could mean?
  • Continue to invite in men who are not showing up or willing to do the work?

This course is a dance between linear applications, using specific tools to understand the ways in which you have been conditioned and how certain existing habitual patterns are holding you back from not only living from your receptive, glorious self,  discovering that is already within you.  We will compliment and create balance as we apply a non-linear approach, inviting in meditation, discussion, breath work, creative expression and other right brain explorations to awaken, nurture and re-create new patterns, inviting your True nature to thrive!

Feel it out (feminine).  Is this for you?  If you feel it is, then take action (masculine) and sign up RIGHT AWAY!!! The dance has then begun, and I am honored to walk this path with you and support you on your journey to the Divine Feminine!


*All sessions are recorded*

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Chakra Workshop


Join Valerie D’Ambrosio on a spectacular journey of the Chakra System. In this workshop we will integrate an all-level asana practice with discussion while discovering the basic principles and aspects of each chakra.

Learn how the chakras affect your overall health and how to balance what has become blocked or overloaded. In becoming aware of the energy centers and the innate wisdom of our bodies, we are that much more able to move toward health, vitality and harmony.

*NOTE-This is a very deep emotional, 3 hour practice. Some yoga experience necessary. Please bring a notebook.

Contact Valerie directly if you wish to bring this event to YOU!