Breakthrough To Power and Freedom

2-Day Intensive to Elevate Your Primary Relationships

This 2-day, four-part series has been created to cause a positive, permanent shift in the quality of your life where you will emerge with new found freedom and power. This weekend course has been specifically structured to breakdown all of the roadblocks that are currently holding you back from creating a reality of your own design. This course is for you if are: 

  • Struggling to initiate change
  • Experiencing a deep disconnect and even disgust with your physical body 
  • Feeling an internal sense of whatever I do is never enough
  • Lacking deep and meaningful connections in life
  • Regularly experience stressful feelings and thoughts about the future, money, career
  • Compromising yourself and your values in order to please others around you
  • Being rigid and stuck in certain ways of being and thinking
  • Feeling exhausted from pushing and forcing in life, yet terrified to stop because you don’t know any other way

Intensive will be held September 19th and 20th, 2015 in Edwards, CO at Dogma Athletica.

From Drama to Wisdom

2-Day Intensive Supporting Women In Redefining The Feminine and Unleashing The Queen Inside To Finally Live Within Integrity 

The immersion will be held in 2016 - stay tuned for details!

Re-haul Your Relationships

3-Day Intensive to Support Couples in Creating the Intimate and Passionate Relationship of their Dreams 

Intensive will be held 2016.  Dates coming soon! 

Please reach out to for more information