Profound Shift Mentor Intensive

Create a larger impact


October 2019 – February 2020

  • Are you a coach, parent, therapist, or healer desiring to support the people you work with/love even more?

  • Do you know you offer value, yet wish you felt more confidence as you point your clients/children in the most beneficial direction?

  • Do your clients/children experience true freedom? Do they leave your time together with insights which apply to anything they come up against? Or are they finding conditional or short-term relief until the next hurdle in life? 

Join me for an intimate 4-month mentoring intensive designed to radically improve your ability to lead clients/children through deep, lasting change.

Hi from Valerie.

If you’re reading this, you probably know a bit about me already, and that I do things differently here. So here are some important details about my mentor intensive to help you determine if it might be a fit for you.

1. The intention of this intensive is to empower you to have a strong foundation in how to help your clients/children who deal with such things as:

  • Consistently feeling stuck

  • Experience strained marriages and relationships

  • Can’t seem to overcome worry and anxiety

  • Are unable to easily navigate emotional ups and downs

  • Burdened with negative internal dialogue

  • Paralyzed to take steps in the direction of their dreams

2. It’s important you understand, this program is not about fixing your clients/children or telling which tools will make their situation better. It is about guiding them to tap into their own innate wisdom and how you as a practitioner/parent, can do that in a way which feels effortless and authentic.

I spent years and copious amounts of money gathering tools and credentials. What I came to notice was that even with it all, I fell short not only creating change which stuck in myself, also sustainable change in others.  

When I got honest with myself, and believe me this was challenging for my ego to swallow, I noticed my clients would experience shifts and found use in the tools I was offering at the time, yet their change was short-term and conditional. They would see through one issue, only to find they were soon facing another. I knew what I was offering them wasn’t deep enough. Can you relate?

A profound shift occurred within me when I came across the Principles, which are the ‘base tone note’ of the human experience.

The more I continued to embody the Principles and uncover how they are available in every single moment, I experienced deeply rooted and lasting change in many areas of my own life. (Please understand, this is an on-going process, and there is no place to ‘get’. This is also not a quick fix) Knowing in my soul that this new lens with which I look through life is True, it became undeniably easier to share. This shift has been a pivotal moment for me and my business.

Through my own personal process, I discovered why some people changed and others didn’t, and what I could do to meet them where they were. I am committed to supporting you see lasting change within your clients.

Profound Shift intensive is for you if:

  • You are already working with clients to some capacity or have a child/children

  • Supporting others is something that lights you up and gives you meaning or purpose

  • You are willing/wanting to see the value of investing in yourself, your family, or your profession in order experiences greater love, connection and joy

  • You are open to your own life changing in wonderful and unexpected ways knowing you contribute to others positively as you do

What’s included:

  • Two individual coaching sessions per month with Valerie

  • One monthly recorded group call led by Valerie or special guests

  • With the consent of your client/child, one session with Valerie present to later offer you feedback

  • Private forum for support and insights during the program

  • Shared resources throughout the program 

  • Suggested reading/viewing before we begin October 15th

  • Discounted one-on-one coaching sessions available to each mentee for 6 months prior to the course ending (Sessions may be used for individual, a member of their family or couples)

What you will come away from the Profound Shift intensive with:

  • Increased confidence in your ability to help others.

  • A sense of peace knowing you are changing lives in a way that translates to all areas of their life, not just the problem that brought them to you.

  • A deeper understanding of the nature of thought and how it works.

  • Tapping into your natural state more consistently, which is your most effective state.

  • Greater wisdom into your personal Human Design & Astrological chart and how you can apply them to your lives.

  • Ease as you use reliable Principles that guide every client conversation you have.

  • Experience working with a client using the Principles, with feedback and guidance from Valerie.

  • This understanding is the thread of the human experience and cutting edge in helping others, therefore you will stand out in your industry.

  • The ability to authentically speak with more certainty about what you do and how you can support one navigate through life with greater ease and joy.

  • A new ‘family’ with a small group of individuals, supporting each other with a shared mission, views, and with the option of a Mastermind group once the program is complete.

  • You transform, your world transforms, those you touch transform.


Option 1: EARLY BIRD PRICING: One payment of only $1555 (That’s just under $400 a month!) Paid in full by September 15th

Option 2: One payment of only $1777 (That’s just under $450 a month!)

Option 3: Monthly payments of $555 (Save $444 by paying in full)

This is an incredibly low investment for this type of intensive.

*Space is limited, as I am only holding this course for a small, quality group. Secure your spot quickly*


- Kick off monthly call: Tuesday, October 15th Time: 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK via video call.

- Resources and suggested reading sent to you upon registration

- Individual Coaching sessions:

  • Sessions are one hour each

  • All coaching calls recorded for your personal use

  • Suggested Home Play (action steps) sent prior to call

  • 24/7 email access to Valerie (with 24 hour window to reply)

  • ‘Lifelines’ available when radically stuck per each member. (Inquire for more info)

  • Exploration into your personal Human Design and Astrological chart if desired

- Monthly group calls recorded to re-listen or if unable to attend live

Questions & Apply:

Please email to apply for a spot in the program.  I'll contact you within the next 48 hours for a thirty minute Discovery Session to see if this is right for you.