Ultimate joy in your life is directly correlated to the kinds of relationships that you choose to develop and nourish.   

Relationships are everything. Think about it. We are in constant relationship with our physical body, money, career, friends, family, intimate partners, nature, emotions, desires, and self. Truly, relationship is what makes the world go around.

But despite its importance, how many of us were actually taught how to develop healthy and thriving relationships? Very few, so it makes sense that most of us are feeling unfulfilled and unable to create the life we truly want.

Connection is a human need. When there is disconnection, there is pain, struggle, lack, frustration, sickness, and a daily experience of just getting by. Where there is connection, there is light, joy, health, wealth, intimacy, ease, flow, and a feeling of absolute aliveness in everything we do. 

My name is Valerie D'Ambrosio, The Connection Coach, and I know that our ability to experience fulfillment and abundance is incumbent upon our ability to consciously navigate our relationships, which is why I've dedicated my life's work to helping clients discover, develop, heal, and grow connections in all areas of their life.  With over two decades of experience coaching clients and studying with the world's leading relationship experts and luminaries, I have mastered the ability to support others in finding the quickest route for deep connection in all areas of their life.

Are you ready to create a more joyful and vibrant life filled with wealth, health, and deep satisfaction? Then check out the ways in which you can work with me below. You are so worthy and deserving, its time to live the life you want.     


Online Programs

Rehaul your relationships

Are you ready to raise the quality of your relationship with your self, health, money, career, intimate partner, friends, and spirit? Join Valerie for this 6 week program where you will be guided through a complete relationship makeover.




Tap in and turn on

Are you feeling unfulfilled, flat, and checked out? Do you know that there has to be more than this to life but you have no idea where to start? In this 4 week online course, you will reconnect with the passion and vibrancy that is you, and reignite the aliveness of your life.


Yoga For Relationships

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