"The Profound Shift" Mentorship is a 4-month individual program for people who already have some basic coach/practitioner training and/or experience working with clients/children regularly.

My simple intentions by the end of the 4 months of working one-on-one with me:

You feel more empowered by being you and in what you offer

Together we dive into:  What to share, where to point people, how to point them in a ways they can hear and easily implement into their lives, and create consistent and lasting results.

Here are just some themes clients/Children come to you for: 

  • Getting unstuck

  • Healing strained marriages and relationships

  • Overcoming worry and anxiety

  • Navigating emotional ups and downs

  • Changing negative internal dialogue

  • Overcoming fear of taking steps in the direction of their dreams

What You Get From The 4-Month mentorship:

  • Two coaching sessions a month with Valerie (90 and 60 minutes in length)

  • 15 minute check-ins on alternate weeks

  • Insights and examples to up-level your experience as a coach, therapist, healer or parent, supporting your clients to cultivate lasting change.

  • Support your clients to feel more empowered so they can weave through the challenges of life, as they tap into their innate wisdom.

  • Discussions into understanding the human experience and the not self mind are the doorway to relieve suffering.

  • Greater ease in your sessions/conversations with a set of reliable Principles, guiding each client conversation.

  • Increased confidence in your ability to support others.

  • Personal transformation, which in turn transforms your world and those you touch.

  • Shared resources throughout our time together.

Contact me below for more information about One On One Mentoring, signing up and pricing:

I'll contact you within the next 72 hours for a twenty-minute Discovery Session to see if this is right for you.