Diving Deep 

Individual and Couples 1 on 1 Immersion Weekends

If you are ready to step your life up to the next level, dive deep, get real, and experience a big shift quickly, then working with Valerie in a private immersion setting is the perfect opportunity. In working with people one-on-one or as a couple for hours at a time, Valerie has had the opportunity to witness a profound shift occur in individuals, which sets certain habits into place and solidifies the removal of other patterns that are no longer of service.   This is deep, intensive, intentional work designed to create massive breakthrough.

How it works: In two days, Valerie will assist you in implementing tools around discovering your own personal values, removing limiting beliefs that are potentially holding you back from living the life you truly desire, peeling back the layers of deep core wounds, creating healthy internal and external communication, re-framing and re-patterning old tendencies and catabolic patterns, and much more. You will work for up to seven hours a day together, and Valerie will use her intuitive approach to design a weekend that will create the largest breakthrough for you, and where you are at in your life.


3 Month Coaching Package

Valerie offers one-on-one over the phone coaching support through her 3-month coaching package which includes one fifty minute call per week, assigned discovery homeplay between sessions, and unlimited email support.  

Valerie requires at least a 3-month coaching commitment in order to work one-on-one. Valerie has discovered that a 3-month commitment is a recipe for lasting results and personal success, and any shorter time will not provide the full desired results.  

If you are interested in working with Valerie one-on-one, please reach out to valerie@valeriedambrosio.com to set up a complimentary fifteen minute consultation.


The best way to find out what you need to be doing to create the connections you crave and rebirth you magnificent self and outstanding life is to chat with Valerie directly. She makes time for a few free 15 minute strategy sessions per month. If you are interested, please fill out the form below to get on the schedule.