1 Hour Coaching Session

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1 Hour Coaching Session


At VDA Coaching we cannot express enough how important we believe it is to have someone hold you accountable, support you with tools, and help you to see the ways in which you fall back into patterns that may be the exact things getting in the way of what you truly desire.  

How serious are you about what you really want?

I’d be honored to support you!

We would like to offer a special for the first 10 people who are serious about bringing their desires into fruition this year. Sign up now and you will receive:

An hour coaching session with Valerie where we will cover:

-The beliefs you hold around yourself, relationships, life and money 

-Reassess your values to be aligned with where you are now and where you want to go

-Discover which of the human needs you are making the most important

-Your top 3 goals you wish to achieve within this year and a plan to manifest them!

One hour sessions are normally $250. Sign up today for this incredible offer for only $100!!

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