'Valerie has the gift of inspiring and engaging people, while authentically sharing her full essence as she speaks and performs.  Her presentations motivate and influence audiences greatly, by capturing lessons, challenges and successes from her life. Valerie’s message of shifting our perspective from ‘Life is happening TO me, to life is happening FOR me’, supports individuals in harnessing their courage and confidence, initiating self-empowerment, which creates a ripple effect in all areas of their life.’   Barb Chicago, IL

Speaking Topics

Conscious Leadership: Tips & Tools for Designing a Thriving Life

Life in general is busy and filled with work, family duties, and other responsibilities that can at times feel down-right overwhelming. Finding contentment in the moment and making time to balance and take care of ourselves amongst all this activity and energy may seem difficult—but it doesn’t have to be.

In this interactive session about how to consciously design and lead a thriving life, Valerie will provide you with the tools and understanding that will enable you to take better care of yourself, cultivate greater contentment, and forge conscious connections that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

Be prepared for a highly engaging session where you learn from someone who walks the talk and can help teach you ways to thrive fully in your life!

Internal Blocks: The Elephant in the Room

External blocks are visible; In witnessing or participating in external blocks, we can initiate motivation to create change, albeit challenging and even painful because we can see it. However, internal blocks, including our limiting thoughts, beliefs and even actions, internal wounds, and past traumas are usually invisible and not so easily accessible. Internal conflicts are most often unconscious. So how do we know what our blocks are? When we learn to become aware of internal blocks that are most likely holding us back, we have the opportunity to focus on the power and the gifts of the challenges that becoming conscious creates. Acknowledging that the limiting thoughts, beliefs and actions are a natural, but no longer necessary part of our Ego is like acknowledging the elephant in the room, ultimately freeing us to experience a fully engaged, appreciative life previously unimagined.

‘Everything is a direct reflection of the energy with which we bring to the world. Valerie perceives every challenge, internally and externally, as an opportunity to grow greater love, self-respect, and compassion toward self. In turn, this directly mirrors all other areas of our life and greatly effects our ability to experience personal success, greater connections and deeper fulfillment. 

Pursuing an existence that satiates us on a cellular level from the inside out is Valerie’s call to life. It is her passion to support individuals in growing and evolving in ways that cultivate this internal change, with the greater, over-all mission of raising the vibration of the planet.  As Mahatma Ghandi stated so eloquently, ‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world’. 

Life in general is busy, filled with amazing people and opportunities, and at times down right overwhelming. Finding balance and time to take care of yourself amongst all this activity and energy may seem difficult—but it doesn’t have to be.

Valerie will provide you with the simple tools that will enable you to take better care of yourself and forge conscious connections in all ares of life.' Valerie  


'I was really inspired by Valerie's messages. We all seem to run, run, run and work, work, work. Valerie helps us realize that we are a better version of our self when we slow down, take a deep breathe and live in the moment. Many of the wisdom I learned that day I'm practicing now.' Andrew Nathan, Victor & Spoils CMO (Boulder, CO)


'With a full time job, a part time job, 3 young kids with medical needs, a farm and a husband, it is an understatement to say that my work and life balance was in serious need of a readjustment.  During my time being coached by the incredible Valerie D'Ambrosio, I was able to get a clear picture of how my lifestyle was serving me and what it was costing me.  I kept myself so busy and denied having any needs of my own.  This was in part to avoid looking at the painful parts in my life.  And the cost was becoming too great.  Valerie loving and non-judgmentally helped me uncover a lifestyle that built on the parts that were already working well.  Through her coaching, I came to see more of the light within me, began to value myself, created a little me time and helped me be able to show up 110% during the times I wanted to be present, but had previously been unable.  There is no amount of dollars that can equate to your presence in the lives of those you love and cherish the most.' Andrea Emery, Life Coach, Red Wing, MN

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