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Valerie delivers inspirational and motivational speeches at a variety events including global summits, professional conferences, networking events, yoga festivals, continuing education platforms for professionals, teachers, and wellness practitioners, and yoga teacher trainings. She will provide a speech that is both relevant and within her zone of mastery, to create a positive audience response and event credibility. 

Half-day to Two-day Events


Life in general is busy and filled with work, family duties, and other responsibilities that can at times feel down-right overwhelming. Finding contentment in the moment and making time to balance and take care of ourselves amongst all this activity and energy may seem difficult—but it doesn’t have to be.

In this interactive session about how to consciously design and lead a thriving life, Valerie will provide you with tools and understanding enabling you to take better care of yourself, cultivate greater contentment, and forge conscious connections that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

Be prepared for a highly engaging session where you learn from someone who walks the talk and can help teach you ways to thrive fully in your life! 


External blocks and adversities, such as health challenges and career change, are devastating in their own right.  Since they are external, there is sometimes greater acceptance, support and even validation from others as we navigate through them.  We can often initiate motivation to create change, albeit painful because we can see it.

Internal blocks, including our limiting thoughts, beliefs and and past traumas, are usually invisible or unconscious. They are not as easily accessible, accepted, or even looked at, rather judged and negated by ourself and others. When we cultivate the courage and become aware of our internal and patterned blocks holding us back, we have the opportunity to focus on the power and the gifts present within them in order to generate lasting change. Learn tools how to move through these patterns by acknowledging the 'elephant in the room', which ultimately frees us to experience a fully engaged, appreciative and joyful life.


Corporate Lecture Topics

  • Communication: - Communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization – from the boardroom to the water cooler.


  • Conflict management - Understand and manage conflict constructively, while increasing employee engagement, productivity and retention. 


  • Skill Refinement - Empowering leaders to strengthen their personal leadership style, while developing or refining their skills.


  • Transitioning into new leadership roles – Learn to quickly digest new information to building strong relationships across organizational boundaries and  hit the ground running in a new role.


  • Increase emotional & social intelligence (EQ) - Learn a range of skill-sets that drive success: Collaboration, how to build trust, influencing skills, managing emotions, resilience and conflict management.


  • Work-life balance & social intelligence - Develop tools in how to cultivate greater work-life balance, while staying in alignment personally and professionally 


  • Your mind is a tool - We are wired for fear and to turn to what is familiar, which most often does not serve the direction we want to go. You have the power to re-wire your brain generating ultimate success.


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Transform Into Wisdom Immersion

Awaken. Discover. Surrender. Flow

Transform Into Wisdom is a 3-day immersion, specifically designed for practitioners to do the 'deep dive', and create radical, positive change in their lives. 


Valerie’s passion lies in guiding individuals to connect with their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies in a healthy and conscious way. By blending movement, breath, and meditation, along with self-inquiry, she believes the practitioner creates a doorway to deepen their intuition and profound self-love. Valerie’s infectious living-large nature encourages people to discover their greatness and play big in the world.  Her wish is that people become more connected to the wisdom of their bodies and to the guidance that is within and around them.  


In her yoga classes, Valerie blends a variety of different yoga lineages, as she sees the value and benefits
different styles offer.

Wednesdays 8:30-9:30 Level 2

Rakta Hot Yoga and Wellness Studio:
1169 Hilltop Ln Suite 202A, Steamboat Springs, CO 80488

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