Teen Mentorship

Summer 2019


As a teen, do you struggle with:

  • Your parents or adults understanding you?

  • Peer pressure?

  • Insecurity in really being yourself?

  • Being seen and heard?

  • Feeling you aren’t good enough?

If you said yes to one or more of the above questions, I would love for you to join me for a 6-session one-on-one mentor program to explore how being a teenager doesn’t have to be so painful.  We will honor how the unique richness you bring to each moment is a gift. We will also explore how deep, impactful change happens when we understand the nature of life supporting us in every moment.  

I will contact you within the next 48 hours for a fifteen minute Discovery Session to see if this is a fit for your teen.


6 Session Package: $599 ($119 SAVINGS)

Two payments: $359

Teenage years can be super challenging, I know they were for me. Massive insecurity, self doubt, over and under eating were common themes throughout my teens, and well into my early 20’s. I spent years attempting to cope, self medicate, and ‘fix’ areas which I thought were broken in me, and where the outside world continued to reaffirm the story that I was broken.  If I just looked and acted a certain way, I would finally be good enough. 

Over the past two-plus decades as a coach, collecting tools along my journey, what has been most impactful is a set of principles which is the foundation for how I have ended, and help others to end, unwanted habits, everyday fears and self hatred patterns. 

It was a tremendous relief for me to realize I did not have to keep working on myself and striving for self-improvement. This allowed me to experience a profound level of unconditional love and self-acceptance, adapting greater confidence and even appreciation for the full range of the human experience.

It is with my whole heart I wish to support you in really enjoying your teenage years. 

Email me at valerie@vdacoaching.com and I will contact you within the next 48 hours for a twenty minute Discovery Session to see if this is a fit for your teen.