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SAP Ariba Offsite, Granby Co

SAP Ariba Offsite, Granby Co

'I worked with Val D’Ambrosio as my Conscious Leadership coach for 2017 and 2018.  She is absolutely amazing!  In a coach I always look for three attributes: honesty (tell me the hard truth so I know how to improve), inspiration (lift me up and help me find a new, better level of performance) and great listening skills.  Valerie excels in all three areas. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and grew personally and professionally from her guidance over the time we worked together. I highly recommend Valerie to anyone looking for an executive coach with the ability to connect with you personally while giving you the tools and coaching to practice Conscious Leadership.’ Philip Beck-SVP, Payments and Financing at SAP Arib

Coach, program designer, speaker & leader (20+ years).  Owner of her own coaching company since 1997, Valerie has worked with such companies as SAP/Ariba, Vivint, and New Hope, as well as thousands of individuals, in broadening their relationships with self, health, wealth, and career. She created and lead over 35 national &  international retreats, collaborated on a learning platform reaching more than 10 thousand people, speaker at trade shows with over 80K participants, and a writer for numerous journals reaching over 15K people.

Valerie, and the Vitality Track Team, are called into organizations who want to draw upon their greatest strengths, and significantly impact their clientele and communities. They thrive on working with clients who are creating change, see value in their team working synergistically together, and are passionate about growing into their highest potential.

Vitality Track was created with the understanding that integrating a higher level of consciousness within a company initiates effective communication, mindful interaction, greater time management, and cohesiveness.   It is our mission to support companies in generating greater external productivity by initiating internal vibrant health in order to reach their personal and collective goals.

As business leaders become more successful and take on bigger roles, periodically they can get a little lost in the fray. During those times, they find themselves more frequently ‘in the weeds,’ more impatient, more serious, or bogged down. They can lose sight of their freshness, their passion, enthusiasm, and clarity that they had when they first got into their career.


What are some areas of focus?

  • Communication Skills - Supports leaders and employees communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization – from the boardroom to the water cooler.

  • Conflict management skills - Understand and manage conflict constructively, while increasing employee engagement, productivity and retention. Leaders become aware of their personal leadership style, as well as develop or refine their skills.

  • Transitioning into new leadership roles – Vitality Track helps team members speed up their mastery of new challenges or new roles. From quickly digesting new information to building strong relationships across organizational boundaries, they will help leaders hit the ground running in their new role and add value.

  • Increasing emotional & social intelligence (EQ) - When it comes to accomplishing shared objectives, EQ matters as much as IQ. Learn a range of skill-sets that drive success: collaboration, how to build trust, influencing skills, managing emotions, resilience and conflict management.

  • Work-life balance & aligning with values - It is common to experience imbalance in life when work load increases and deadlines are looming. Overtime, this imbalance can begin to wreak havoc on other areas of life such as, health, family relationships, friendships, etc. Vitality Track offers leaders tools in how to cultivate greater work-life balance, while staying in alignment personally and professionally.

What We Do:

There is a precise and intelligent system behind how human beings’ thinking works. This system directly affects people’s behavior, emotions, and personality. How individuals handle life, how well they get along with others, how much they enjoy their careers, familial relationships, etc.- are all directly linked to this system which is already working within them. The process we use involves helping our clients to learn and understand the principles that are behind this system. Through one-on-one consultations and group immersions, we explain the understanding of why some people, independent of circumstance, do well in those areas and others don’t, and how to affect change in themselves in the areas that matter most to them.

Through dialog, directive learning and active reflection, our clients are able to get a solid understanding of what’s available to them. Once they gain greater clarity in the understanding, the intelligence and precision of this system become real and applicable in their daily lives. The Vitality Track Conscious Leadership Coaching process involves helping people wake up to something which was invisible to them for much of their lives.



2-3Day Leadership Intensive:

This program combines minimal time with maximum impact. During this one-on-one mini retreat, we explore where your biggest struggles are as a leader, where your power is and teach you the logic that will raise your level of effectiveness and satisfaction in your leadership.

Extensive Leadership Program:

For leaders willing to commit the time and resources in order to create a foundation for significant change, we offer 6 and 12 month leadership development programs.

This six-month to year long program has four components:

  • ELI Assessment (see more information below)

  • Site visits for real time intake and observation in participant's environment

  • 2-3 day Leadership Intensives (Off-site location TBD)

  • Coaching with other team members, superiors and wherever else they may desire support

Regular coaching phone calls throughout program

Business Leadership Coaching:

This program has six components:

  • Site visit for real time intake and observation in participant's environment

  • Program objectives – to be determined through intake, defined and aligned with superiors where appropriate

  • Quarterly 3 day intensives

  • Each team member takes an ELI assessment (See more information below)

  • Regular coaching phone calls throughout program

  • Regular check ins with superiors against objectives

Initial Off-site: 

The team comes together for a 3 day intensive to kick off the Vitality Track journey.

By beginning the process as a team and in person, The VT Team offers the opportunity for everyone to collect information, gain aligned insight, dialogue using shared language, and work more succinctly toward collective goals. 

The VT Team will spend time one-on-one time with each member of the team, as well as offer workshops each day, covering topics specifically suited for your group.

Quarterly Off-sites:

We have discovered a different environment invites access for deeper connection, implementation of the VT information, and generate greater, sustained results We choose the perfect off-site location for your team.


6-Month and 12-Month Commitments: Please contact Valerie to discuss pricing:


Hire Valerie to speak at your event, breakout sessions, or as a keynote

Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I)

Your team has the option to add on the E.L.I., which is an attitudinal assessment based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments as it is not intended to label a person and have them work well within that label. Instead, it measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world. 

Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with Valerie using the E.L.I., you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and leadership effectiveness.

Should you choose to use the assessment for your team members, our first monthly call will be a debrief of the E.L.I, followed by each one-on-one coaching session breaking down individual results.  


Have questions about where to start and what package is best suited for your team? 

Contact Valerie for more information.



'I’ve been working with Val for almost two years now.  I would highly recommend Val because of the personal results I’ve seen.  When I first started working with Val, I was always worrying and feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.  I sometimes would hold judgment against myself and others.  This caused my anger to rise.  I was aware of how much this was impacting my professional and personal life, but I wasn’t sure how to deal with it and why I couldn’t make better progress on my own.

Val’s approach helped me to break down those walls.  Val has a special skill of helping you to see yourself more clearly.  She took her time to get to know what made me tick and what was bothering me.  She doesn’t tell you what you should do, but asks the right questions to get you to pause and think.  She’s able to help lead you to a solution that you create and can identify with.  She’s a conduit that guides you to a better version of yourself.

Today, due to all the work Val and I have invested in, I worry much less.  I don’t place judgment on myself and others as often.  When I get stressed or start to feel overwhelmed, Val’s help me to develop the tools to work through these challenging moments.  In addition, my professional and personal relationships have improved, because I better understand myself and when I’m emotionally in a place I don’t want to be, I’m able to use these tools to improve and shift my perspective.' -Mike Ranella Senior Director, Chief of Staff - Global Cloud Services at SAP Ariba

'I was really inspired by Valerie's messages. We all seem to run, run, run and work, work, work. Valerie helps us realize that we are a better version of our self when we slow down, take a deep breathe and live in the moment. Many of the wisdom I learned with her I'm practicing in my everyday life. ‘ Andrew Nathan- PresidentVictor & Spoils Marketing Agency 

'Having the opportunity to hear Valerie's helpful and healthful messages during her breakout session at Expo West was an fortunate respite that has stayed with me. Thank you New Hope for having the kindness to invite Valerie to provide a deep
breath and sense of self in the middle of 75,000 people.'  Kim Fox Johnson-
Founder, Wild Matters Productions