‘Whole-blisstic’ Reboot 2019

  • Feel like you could use some extra support in order to maintain your intentions for the New Year?

  • Are you really diligent and successful in one area, and find you flail in others? 

  • Do you find you would like to tend to certain areas of your life, yet lack direction? 


We’ve got your back!

We believe having support in many areas of your life, tending to your whole being, generates greater harmony and balance across all areas of your life.  We have put together a dynamic program and team offering:  Personal training/nutrition, Life Coaching, Chiropractic Care, unlimited Yoga and Acupuncture.  


Some of the benefits these combined modalities offer…

  • Support to your nervous system

  • Rebuild healthy cell structure 

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Create a sense of appreciation and healthy connection with your body

  • Greater internal love and respect, lending toward more aligned choices

  • Body/Mind/Spirit awareness in order to live life in greater wealth and health


Over three months, you will receive:

  • Two chiropractic sessions/month

  • Two personal training sessions/month

  • Two acupuncture sessions/month

  • Two coaching sessions/month

  • Add On: 3 months of unlimited yoga at Rakta Hot Yoga

  • Add On: Two 30 minute nutrition sessions/month


Original cost: $2760 

Your cost: 
ONLY $1470 (cash/check)
$1,549 (credit card)


$525/month (cash/check)
$549/month (credit card)

That's over half off!!!


Bonus Add ons:

* Nutrition: $50/per session (Normally $75)

* Unlimited Yoga at Rakta: $90/monthly (Normally $120)

*Additional sessions for each at discounted price 

  (Please speak directly with practitioner) 


Charlie Chase: Fitness/Nutrition

Charlie Chase: Fitness/Nutrition

Charlie's athletic background is rooted in strength training and yoga. Over the past thirty-plus years he has trained a variety of people, from musicians to professional and nationally ranked athletes. He guides his clients to reach their goals and find a deep inner sense of joy and peace.
Charlie’s unique approach to training is created by designing and integrating all aspects of the workout (Strength, Conditioning, Core, Cardio, Plyo, Yoga and Nutrition) into a balanced program. Charlie works with the strengths and weaknesses of the individual DNA structure to create optimal performance.

Douglas Kenyon: Chiropractor

Douglas Kenyon: Chiropractor

Dr. Doug Kenyon is an asset to the Steamboat valley with his ability and passion to heal and educate his patients about Chiropractic and other natural solutions to common health problems. His goal is to support the individual to play a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining their own health. 

With over 30 years practicing chiropractic work and his consistent education, Doug is committed to support his clients in the balance of nutritional, emotional and structural factors contributing to overall health. https://www.yampavalleychiro.com


Betsy Has lived in Steamboat Springs, CO since 1992 and has been practicing since 2002. She graduated from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture school in Hallendale Florida. She holds a Master’s in Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine as well as degrees in both Health Science and Recreation. Betsy is nationally accredited by the NCCAOM and licensed in the State of Colorado https://betsysmithacupuncture.com

Betsy Smith: 5 Elements Acupuncture 

Valerie D’Ambrosio: Life Coach

Valerie D’Ambrosio: Life Coach

For over two decades, as The Connection Coach, Valerie has been guiding people to create extraordinary, conscious connections. She believes that ultimate joy is directly correlated to the kinds of relationships that you choose to nourish. Her infectious 'living-large' nature encourages people to discover their greatness and play big. Working with Valerie will broaden your relationships with self, health, wealth, intimacy, friendships and Spirit in order to create the thriving life you desire.