My clients are people. Whether they are CEO's, leaders, mothers, small business owners, teenagers, does not matter. What I care about is that you are ready to expand, and open up to a life of miracles.

"Simply put, working with Valerie is life changing. In a remarkably short period of time she has helped me fine tune my thoughts and draw more joy from everyday life experiences. Her spirit and passion for people is fierce yet full of compassionate. Her heart is huge and her words are powerful. She is a modern day alchemist. If you have the opportunity and calling to work with her, don't hesitate. Its time and money you'll never regret. I'm so grateful to have her in my corner."~ Lindsay C.- Boulder, CO


You are so profoundly powerful, and have so much to offer the world. It’s my honor and privilege to support you in awakening your personal super powers, and to the miracles constantly available.

Three, Six and Twelve month packages available for individuals, partners, families, and teams. I am as committed to you as you decide to be to me. I offer my clients first class service, if they are willing to receive their true value.

How it works

People want to feel a sense of confidence and clarity as they experience life, yet there’s often a tendency to get swept up in doubt, overthinking, and worrying. There comes a point where we just get sick of thinking about ourselves in ways that don't get us anywhere.

There has been a revolutionary set of discoveries that give people a clear understanding of how change actually happens. When people change on the inside, it changes how they go about their lives and their relationships. Valerie supports her clients in understanding these discoveries. As a result, her clients get out from under their unproductive and exhaustive thinking, and begin to open to a life of greater simplicity and ease.

Results which are possible, yet you are noT limited to, in our work together.

I can’t promise you all of the below will happen. What I can tell you is in our work together, you will experience miracles.

Personal Benefits:

You are less consumed with trying to control everything

You live life having less on your mind

You able to make big decisions with greater ease

Your relationships improve in all areas

You have a deep inner knowing that you deserve to be loved and are worthy

Your self care and honor toward your health is a non-negotiable  

You are accepting of your human imperfections, while striving to do better 

Your sense of self does not sway according to the approval or disapproval of others

You make sure you understand the dynamics of reciprocity in relationships before over giving 

You have healthy boundaries 

You listen deeply to your inner truth and Source wisdom

Business Benefits:

You allow your magnetism to unabashedly shine, operating regularly from your Zone of Genius

You handle conflict with assertive directness and compassion

You lead others through difficulties with healthy boundaries

Your presence and leadership dismantles power dynamics

Exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm, become overshadowed with ease, acceptance and inspiration

You live receptive to the flow of success and money for yourself and the business

You communicate effectively, and listen deeply

You lead other's to ignite their full potential

Growth in business is aligned with your core values and fueled with joy and enthusiasm

Increased team/employee engagement and productivity

There’s a sincere willingness to see the truth clearly when someone gives you constructive feedback, and not take it personally

You believe in yourself and get into positive flow to implement your creative ideas

3 Day Intensive: Individuals And Couples

This immersion gives you an opportunity to disengage from the daily workings of life, step back, and look at a bigger picture. You will spend 3 days one-on-one with Valerie. It is a learning and development retreat to give you a solid grasp of the principles Valerie teaches that have the potential to change everything about your life.

During the three days, you will have one-on-one meetings with Valerie twice each day. The sessions average 1½ hours each. There will be breaks in between sessions for reflection and review of supporting materials. The meetings consist of discussion and directive learning that is specifically oriented to your life and current situation.

Phone follow-up is included in the program and helps keep the learning alive after you return home. Please contact Valerie for availability.  Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or are not sure if this program is for you.

VDA’s Chosen Experts

Want to deepen your coaching experience?

Over the years, significant tools have greatly enhanced my ability to not only understand aspects of myself, also appreciate them. I have been using astrology and numerology since I was fifteen, working with guides and angels, and within the past decade, discovered Human Design and Palm Artistry. I am not an expert, yet have enough understanding for when my clients have readings to use the information so we can dive deeper into their personal experience. You will have a recorded private session with whichever practitioner you decide to use, from there I will listen to the session and apply in our sessions.

I am extremely meticulous in uncovering the best of the best, and have found individuals who I would not only highly recommend, I personally also work with them. If you would like to add any of these extraordinary tools into your coaching package, you will reap even more benefits from our work together.


Sign up for a coaching package with me and add on a reading with one or both of these spectacular practitioners, and receive a DISCOUNT on their original offering. Inquire for details:

Scientific Hand Analysis: Linda Salazar

Linda Salazar is the founder of Your Peace Is In Your Hands.

She is a Spiritual Growth and Relationship Coach, author, speaker and Scientific Hand Analyst.

For over 20 years she has been helping clients live with inner peace, break free of their emotional rollercoaster and create a life of courage and relationships that work.

Linda is the author of Forever Hold Your Peace, Awaken the Genie Within, Parents In Love and 52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child is Born. She has appeared on KCAL Channel 9 news in Los Angeles, been written about in the LA Times, Parent Magazine and Women’s Faith and Spirit Magazine. And she’s been interviewed on radio stations across the country. 

She resides in Southern California where she has a private practice working with individuals by phone.

Astrology and Numerolgy: Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott (BA, PGCE, MA) is a British, German-born Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot Expert with 20 years of experience as an intuitive and spiritual practitioner who spent his formative years in South Africa.  His ability to identify and communicate the soul’s gifts and challenges through symbolic interpretation in astrology, numerology and the tarot, brings transformation, joy and energy to this 3D, physical reality.  

Gregory’s personal experiences with dark nights of the spirit, mind, and body; and overcoming these by using the tools of astrology, numerology and tarot add meaning to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wise words: “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

(10% discount on readings when you mention Valerie)

interested in Valerie working with your BusineSS or team?

We can speak about the best way we can work together, and design something SPECIFIc to the needs of you or your team, during your initial consultation. Fill out the INFORMATION below and let’s connect!  

‘There are times when I have no idea what comes next & it’s the thing I’ve come to love most about being alive: Leaning in to hear the invitation of each day and feeling my whole body melt when I say yes, yes, yes.’ Brian Andreas

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'With a full time job, a part time job, 3 young kids with medical needs, a farm and a husband, it is an understatement to say that my work and life balance was in serious need of a readjustment.  During my time being coached by the incredible Valerie D'Ambrosio, I was able to get a clear picture of how my lifestyle was serving me and what it was costing me.  I kept myself so busy and denied having any needs of my own.  This was in part to avoid looking at the painful parts in my life.  And the cost was becoming too great.  Valerie loving and non-judgmentally helped me uncover a lifestyle that built on the parts that were already working well.  Through her coaching, I came to see more of the light within me, began to value myself, created a little me time and helped me be able to show up 110% during the times I wanted to be present, but had previously been unable.  There is no amount of dollars that can equate to your presence in the lives of those you love and cherish the most.' Andrea Emery, Life Coach, Red Wing, MN

'I’ve been working with Val for almost two years now.  I would highly recommend Val because of the personal results I’ve seen.  When I first started working with Val, I was always worrying and feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.  I sometimes would hold judgment against myself and others.  This caused my anger to rise.  I was aware of how much this was impacting my professional and personal life, but I wasn’t sure how to deal with it and why I couldn’t make better progress on my own.

Val’s approach helped me to break down those walls.  Val has a special skill of helping you to see yourself more clearly.  She took her time to get to know what made me tick and what was bothering me.  She doesn’t tell you what you should do, but asks the right questions to get you to pause and think.  She’s able to help lead you to a solution that you create and can identify with.  She’s a conduit that guides you to a better version of yourself.

Today, due to all the work Val and I have invested in, I worry much less.  I don’t place judgment on myself and others as often.  When I get stressed or start to feel overwhelmed, Val’s help me to develop the tools to work through these challenging moments.  In addition, my professional and personal relationships have improved, because I better understand myself and when I’m emotionally in a place I don’t want to be, I’m able to use these tools to improve and shift my perspective. Thank you, Val!' Mike Ranella, Executive at SAP/Ariba, Pittsburg, PA    

'When I met Valerie, I was a successful entrepreneur with a demanding life in that I was a Mom, a business owner, and having partner and marital problems.  I was 100% drive and ambition.  I was also short tempered, crabby, overweight, and I felt lost in someone else's life.  I knew I needed to make some changes so I started with my body. Valerie and I instantly connected, and she quickly became my life coach with her mind/body/spirit sensibility, always dispensed with compassion and thoughfulness. She was my lifeline to becoming balanced, bringing softness and love back into my life. Once she realized how demanding my life was and how little time I had for myself along with workouts, she started offering reasonable and effective life adjustments.  I gave up Diet Cola, and curtailed the processed food habit.  She sent me to holistic medical practitioners and I came to learn that I had a gluten intolerance, which was reeking havoc on my digestion.  I started getting regular massages with her masseuse, which would have felt like a total indulgence if it didn't have such therapeutic results! Within only a few months I started hearing compliments about how great I looked.  But more importantly to me, I started being a better mother to my son because I was loving myself now and had love to give. I let my creativity free with a new found exuberance and my business thrived even more. And I felt so much more balanced and peaceful. Without Valerie's intervention (and yes, it did sort of feel like Total Health rehab) I would not be who I am today, which I might say is a woman who loves herself (warts and all), takes care of herself (yoga, eating organic/natural) and takes care of others whether family, friend or volunteering.  Lorraine Denham, Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL