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I invite you to ponder three simple questions: 

  • Do you suffer from self-doubt or self-sabotage in one or many areas of your life? 

  • Do you feel there is something in you urning to be born, yet seem to stumble over the same issues? 

  • Do you crave an empowered relationship with yourself, but your internal critic overrides that desire? 

I feel as if I am a 'Midwife for Souls', where I can see the depths and possibilities of others and have the privilege in supporting them to draw it out.  

Over the past two decades as a Connection Coach, I have witnessed the main theme among my clients to be a lack of connection with Self, which diminishes and even blocks the glorious healing balm called self-love to enter. 

To me, self-love is a fundamentally empowered relationship with yourself that allows you to show up in ways that are healthy and authentic, where your presence alone is a gift to everyone around you.  What derails us from that embodiment are ingrained false beliefs and projections ensconced so deeply in us that we take on and believe to be true. The erroneous conclusions we made were mere responses to our environments, for we lacked the ability to make empowered meaning to what it all was. 

You are of value to the world, not in what you do, but in who you are. 

 You are love.


When you embody self-love…..

You are aware of and caring for your feelings and needs before the needs of others. 

You have a deep inner knowing that you deserve to be loved

You are open and willing to see the truth clearly when someone gives you constructive feedback

Your self-care toward your own health is a high priority

You are accepting of your human imperfections while you are striving to do better

You take responsibility for your life, recognizing you are the source of difficult situations and use them to empower yourself

You are self encouraging toward your growth and deepest callings

Your sense of self does not sway according to the approval or disapproval of others

You are more interested in what is discovering what is True, than being right

You deal with conflict with compassion and assertive directness

You make sure you understand the dynamics of reciprocity in relationships before over giving  

You offer your perspectives and opinions to participate fully in life, appreciating your own value

You are fully available to contribute by both listening and speaking freely with people

You are give yourself full permission to shine your light

You have healthy boundaries

You have profound self-compassion 


This is what self-love looks like to me, and what I am taking a stand for in myself and others in developing the freedom that self-love initiates. 

Individuals who experience self doubt are holding within them this extraordinary human being who is of such value to the world, which as been growing inside of them for many years, and it is now available to be transmuted and shine in the world. 

Reach out to me for a 15 minute consult to see if there is a match in our energies, where I can support you on your journey in authentically and lovingly connecting with yourself.

With deep appreciation and respect, 



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From two day events, to two week retreats, Valerie has designed premium and profound immersive experiences for those that are ready to take the leap into a thriving and fulfilling life.  If you are ready to dive deep and play big, check out the different workshops and join Valerie for a journey to an abundant life.      



Valerie has been leading global retreats since 2003 witnessing people experience extraordinary transformations.  She firmly believes in the power of immersing one self in order to fully embody the changes they wish to create in their lives.  Valerie has a unique capacity to bring people to an area where they can connect with not only themselves, but also the culture and the people of the land.                            


With over twenty years of experience working with clients, Valerie is a masterful coach and an industry leader, with the incredible gift of helping clients see beyond their stories, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns in order to have massive breakthrough and restructure their lives according to who they really are in present time.     

Miracles Happen

"Valerie, literally, was a blessing that saved my life.  I was in a dark place before calling her and was contemplating whether I wanted to be on this earth anymore.  I talked with Valerie, and after hanging up I broke down in tears as I felt so grateful that someone would be that present and receptive to working with me.  I felt that there was hope for me.  My work with Valerie went incredibly deep, relatively quickly.  I felt that I was getting solid results, extremely fast.  She showed me there is someone inside me worth loving and today, I am a happier version of myself. - Alejandro R, FL 
Valerie is amazing in both group and one on one coaching venues.  She provides a “safe space” for being vulnerable and truly addressing the issues.  Her coaching style is attentive, thoughtful, straight forward, supportive and highly productive.  Val is very intuitive, kind, informed and powerful.  Having a coaching session with Val helps one stay on track and rejuvenates the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies." - Gina W, CO
"Valerie has helped me transform my whole life in just over 6 months. I’m not kidding! My beliefs have done a total back flip for the good, and I have grown into myself more than I ever thought was possible at my age. She empowers me to be the best me that I can be. Valerie is one of a kind - you do NOT want to miss out on her magic!" - Gina P, MA
"Working with Valerie was such a pleasure!   Over the course of three months I discovered extreme joy and passion for life.  Valerie's sincerity and zest for life are infectious.  I continue to use the tools she provided to accomplish my goals." - Lisa E, CO
Without Valerie’s intervention (and yes, it did sort of feel like Total Health rehab) I would not be who I am today, which I might say is a woman who loves herself (warts and all), takes care of herself (yoga, eating organic/natural) and takes care of others whether family, friend or volunteering.  Valerie will make a difference in your life. I can’t say that about too many people or resources…but with 100% confidence I can with her." Lorraine D, IL

"I don't know or understand what seems to happen from my sessions with you, but you seem to be a catalyst for some kind of alchemical reaction.- Andy O, CO