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Welcome to VDA Coaching

'If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer . . .
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!’
Shel Silverstein

If you choose to ‘Come in’...

I get to remind you of your greatness when you forget, or even when you don’t.

I get to support you in nurturing your Super Powers, and even discover them.

I get to hold space for you while you bust open and break free, anyplace you feel bound by your past experiences or labels.

I get to acknowledge your Spirit, while having compassion for your humanness.

I get to offer you tools, as you navigate through anxiety and overwhelm.

I get to admire you, as you learn to tend and honor your sensitive nature.

I get to witness you transform anything which doesn’t align with your Truth.

I get to celebrate you, as you reveal your magnificence.

Together, we, get to play along the journey, uncovering the richness of life.



I choose not to label myself, for just like everyone else, I evolve and grow constantly. What I can tell you is in this lifetime, I have the privilege of embodying such archetypes as; A Joy Pollinator, a Midwife for Souls, a Connection Coach. Breathing life into these parts of me, by sharing with others, greatly enhances my joy.

I believe we are in constant relationship with everything in life, yet most of us weren’t taught to have healthy relationships. What I have witnessed, is the relationship which tends to suffer the most, is the relationship with oneself. When we learn to tend to and honor ourselves, our lives begin to miraculously unfold.

We are are all born for greatness and in any and every moment, we can awaken that greatness, and tap into unbridled power. Learning to accept all parts of ourselves, is a necessary key to engage that power... is a journey. Over the past two-plus decades as a teacher, speaker and coach, I have had the pleasure in guiding groups and individuals through that soulful journey within themselves, to not only tap into their potential, to know that it is their privilege and responsibility to presence themselves fully in this world.

My personal mission is to positively contribute to the world, waking up as many people as I can to their magnificence, while they honor themselves, and celebrate their lives.

If you feel drawn to play and evolve with me on this journey, reach out for a 15 minute consult

Miracles Happen

"Valerie, literally, was a blessing that saved my life.  I was in a dark place before calling her and was contemplating whether I wanted to be on this earth anymore.  I talked with Valerie, and after hanging up I broke down in tears as I felt so grateful that someone would be that present and receptive to working with me.  I felt that there was hope for me.  My work with Valerie went incredibly deep, relatively quickly.  I felt that I was getting solid results, extremely fast.  She showed me there is someone inside me worth loving and today, I am a happier version of myself. - Alejandro R, FL 
Valerie is amazing in both group and one on one coaching venues.  She provides a “safe space” for being vulnerable and truly addressing the issues.  Her coaching style is attentive, thoughtful, straight forward, supportive and highly productive.  Val is very intuitive, kind, informed and powerful.  Having a coaching session with Val helps one stay on track and rejuvenates the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies." - Gina W, CO
"Valerie has helped me transform my whole life in just over 6 months. I’m not kidding! My beliefs have done a total back flip for the good, and I have grown into myself more than I ever thought was possible at my age. She empowers me to be the best me that I can be. Valerie is one of a kind - you do NOT want to miss out on her magic!" - Gina P, MA
"Working with Valerie was such a pleasure!   Over the course of three months I discovered extreme joy and passion for life.  Valerie's sincerity and zest for life are infectious.  I continue to use the tools she provided to accomplish my goals." - Lisa E, CO
Without Valerie’s intervention (and yes, it did sort of feel like Total Health rehab) I would not be who I am today, which I might say is a woman who loves herself (warts and all), takes care of herself (yoga, eating organic/natural) and takes care of others whether family, friend or volunteering.  Valerie will make a difference in your life. I can’t say that about too many people or resources…but with 100% confidence I can with her." Lorraine D, IL

"I don't know or understand what seems to happen from my sessions with you, but you seem to be a catalyst for some kind of alchemical reaction.- Andy O, CO